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What’s Happening with Bonita Springs Real Estate – February 6th Edition

As a current or future Bonita Springs resident, you may have been keeping up with a movement to overhaul Florida’s gambling laws and allow certain types of gambling outside the state’s current casino hotspots – including Bonita Springs.

The law would basically change the state’s current arrangement with the Seminole Tribe of Florida, which currently gives them exclusive rights to certain game types and casino facilities. If reworked, Bonita Springs could have seen the possibility of gambling facilities in and around the city, ncluding slot gaming.

Now, though, it seems like this bill is off the table – at least for 2014.

This is good news for some; others, including Bonita Springs city leaders, would have liked the increased revenue and tourism money that would have come with the change.

Keep your eye on this issue, though. It will undoubtedly pop up again later.

Senate Passes Flood Insurance Bill

In what is certainly good news for Bonita Springs real estate and homeowners, the U.S. Senate passed a bill that temporarily postpones a costly spike in flood insurance premiums for homeowners throughout the country – including many right here in Southwest Florida.

The bill doesn’t eliminate the increases outright, but it does delay them until studies can be conducted concerning new flood maps that were put into place in 2012. The adoption of those new flood maps has also been postponed with the rate hikes for four years.

The bill still has to pass the House of Representatives then make it past President Obama’s desk for his signature, but the prospects of relief for homeowners is greater now than it has ever been when it comes to the flood insurance program. Stay tuned.