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What’s a Pocket Listing?

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A pocket listing is given to me by a would-be seller who is somewhat overwhelmed at the idea of putting his home up for sale in the customary fashion of listing it on Multiple Listing and prefers that I only show it those who have legitimate potential to purchase it. When a home goes up for sale, nowadays you can practically see the whole inside space from your computer.  Everyone knows Realtor.com and looks at homes…some are buyers and some are well, just lookers.
In The Colony, privacy is important.  One of the real advantages to working with me is that I am well connected in The Colony Golf & Bay Club and I can match you with homes for sale that may not be listed. Often residents would prefer not to make their home available for the traditional Open House and/or make public their interest in selling because while they are occupying their Colony home, they’d prefer their time to be uninterrupted.

Naturally it takes a pretty committed person to step forward and say, “Yes, I am a potential buyer, in that I know The Colony is where I want to live. I am not sure what high rise or floor plan but I know I don’t want to spend more than $X .”  It may just be worth your while.

The idea is to reveal the residences to those who are ready to buy and to give them the advantage of seeing the highest number of available homes. Conversely the intention is not to look at these particular homes during the fact-finding stages of the purchasing process. We have many beautiful homes listed in the customary way ready to be previewed and would happy to help you with that too.

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