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What you need to do before you list your home for sale.

Deciding to list your home for sale, whether it is at The Colony Golf & Bay Club or elsewhere, is a momentous time. Whatever reason you have for selling your home, it’s a big decision. It’s important to find an experienced agent to list your home with, but it’s also important to take some steps prior to even putting the home on the market. One quick tour of your happy home might sour that dream before it gets out of the planning stages.

Here are a few tips to help you out before you put your home on the market:

Sort Out Your Paperwork: The first step in the process is preparing a list of any repairs, upgrades (major selling point) and any other updates you’ve made to your home. This helps your agent prepare the MLS listing. For example, did you upgrade your kitchen and install granite countertops? Did you redo the cabinets in your bathrooms? Replace the A/C? These are great selling features because they mean less work in the future for the prospective buyer. Be sure to also include any home warranty information as these will most likely transfer with title of the home.

Get Ready to Declutter: Before you list your home, you need to go through your belongings and start getting ride of the things you don’t need. Now for those of you who hate parting ways with things, this can be an arduous task. But for others it may feel liberating getting rid of things and making way for a fresh start. Sort items to toss, keep, sell, and donate. Ideally, your rooms should look open and spacious.

Clean: You’re never going to be able to list you house successfully without cleaning it first. This is the perfect time to wash down the blinds, clean the carpets, wax your wooden floors or touch up the paint. Don’t forget the closets. One of the things I see is a fresh coat of paint everywhere but in the closets and I don’t know about other women, but that’s an important feature!

Get an Inspection: Getting an inspecting is a good way to come up with an accurate listing price. If the prospective buyers come back with issues during their inspection, it’ll affect your asking price. So take a pro-active approach and have a pre-sale inspection done.

Make Repairs and/or Get Estimates: It’s likely your inspection will leave you with a list of repairs – some major and some small. Most agents recommend you move forward with the large repairs as it’s going to come up in the buyers’ inspection report. For small repairs, obtain estimates that can be provided to the buyers. Your listing agent will likely tell you to be prepared to negotiate on the items that aren’t fixed.

Staging: This is something that can be done in conjunction with your listing agent. He or she may have suggestions on how to stage your home so it’s ready for showings. Their knowledge of the community or neighborhood will help determine how much or little you should stage. Without a doubt, staging is helpful in selling a home. So for starters, just make sure you remove the clutter and spruce up the landscape so it has that curb appeal.

Listing your home, whether it is at The Colony Golf & Bay Club, or elsewhere doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor if you take a pro-active approach. Good luck and happy selling!

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