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An Update on Bonita Springs and its Bid to Annex Pelican Landing

Pelican Landing is one of the most luxurious collection of gated communities in the state. Thus, it’s no wonder that Bonita Springs and Estero both have tried to incorporate parts of the Landing into their communities.

Over the past year, city leaders from Bonita Springs and Estero have been meeting with Landing residents in a series of five debates to offer their respective cases as to which community the residents should join. Currently, approximately 80 percent of Pelican Landing is incorporated into Bonita Springs; the rest are in a border disagreement between the two communities and had the option to select which one they would join.

In a vote held last week, roughly 860 residents put it to a vote and voted to not join Bonita springs by a 55 percent to 45 percent margin. This means that the area in question will now become part of Estero should Estero successfully incorporate.

Estero has been trying to incorporate as a city for the past few years, and the movement has picked up steam. Local legislators have petitioned the state legislature for a referendum, which should appear on the ballot this November.

Should that pass, the contested part of Pelican Landing will belong to the new incorporated city of Estero.

No matter where these residents wind up, Pelican Landing – especially The Colony at Pelican Landing – will continue to offer some of the most in-demand luxury living available in the state. I’m excited to see where the future takes The Colony and its member residents, and look forward to continuing to serve the good people of The Colony and Bonita Springs for their real estate needs.