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Two Questions You Should Ask Your Real Estate Agent

In search of a good real estate agent to represent you? That’s a decision you shouldn’t make lightly. After all, you want a good fit – someone who will listen to your needs and wants and help you meet your real estate goals, whether you’re buying a home or selling one.

It’s important to ask questions of each prospective agent to find the right one, even those who are recommended to you by friends, family and co-workers. Here are two great questions to ask a real estate agent who you are thinking of hiring.

Do You Have References?

This is an important question to ask because you want to make sure your real estate agent is easy to work with, available, and responsive. Every agent should have available references who you can call to see what the relationship was like. You should ask these references about the agent’s personality, style, and results.

Remember: just because an agent worked well with another person doesn’t mean he or she will work well with you. So, use this chance to see if the personality of the agent meshes well with your own.

Do You Specialize in Certain Neighborhoods?

This is always a good question to ask because sometimes, you will want specific experience with a specific neighborhood. After all, neighborhoods are unique, and an agent who has worked for years in a particular area could provide expertise regarding not only homes in that neighborhood, but the families who live in them and the general lifestyle for the area.

Of course, this isn’t a requirement, but regardless of whether you’re buying or selling, having an agent who knows the ins and outs of a particular area can be advantageous when it is time to list or to make a buying decision.