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Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle this Summer

It doesn’t matter if you’re still running your own business or retired, staying healthy is important. And summer is the best time to be active since there’s so much to do.

Many of my clients here at The Colony Golf & Bay Club are wise when it comes to growing their financial nest egg. What impresses me most is their investment in their own health  – which ensures that secure retirement down the road.

I gathered up some of the activities that Colony residents shared with me on how they are staying fit and active this summer:

  •  Playing Golf – It’s the perfect sport that keeps your mind sharp and keeps you moving. According to research presented in a recent article, burning 2,500 calories a week can greatly reduce the risks of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  As such, it is easy to see how playing more rounds of golf – at The Colony Golf & Country Club of course! – can factor into a healthy lifestyle.
  • Tennis – It keeps you healthy, fit and in shape, so it’s also the sport for a longer lifetime. Grab a friend and your racquet and get to the courts. You’ll see that tennis can be just the fitness vehicle you’ve been looking for.
  •  Water Aerobics – This is a great activity to do with friends in a class setting. It’s also a great stress reliever plus, in the water, you’re weightless so you get a good workout without straining your muscles.
  •  Swimming Laps – People of all ages can enjoy swimming as a workout since it is a low impact sport that protects joints from damage. It’s also a great cardiovascular workout, helps exercise your lungs, and promotes weight loss!
  • Exercising your brain – Like every other part of your body, you brain needs regular exercise to stay healthy. While residents at The Colony are quite active, they also enjoy activities that work up a mental sweat like dancing, playing Bridge or Mahjong, playing a musical instrument, doing crossword puzzles, and reading.
  • Stay socially active – Having networks of family and friends is associated with better mental and physical health and lower death rates. And it’s easy to be social here in Southwest Florida. Sitting down to a nice meal in Naples or Bonita Springs, accompanied by several companions and a stimulating discussion while music plays in the background just might be the ticket to better brain health!

What activities are you taking part in to stay healthy this summer?

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