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Thoroughness Pays Off

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The day finally arrives. No longer a fantasy. We can buy a home in Bonita Springs, FLORIDA!

Couples commence their search to find this perfect Florida home. Upon flying in from points north, based on location and size criteria, they expect the home would soon reveal itself, then they’d write the check and move in.

The way it really works is that buying, what is often in our area, a secondary home is a process. Sure, folks have come to our area, found “exactly what they were looking for” and then came to understand that after actually living here, what was truly important, practical and befitting of their lifestyle.

I like to interview buyers and find out what is important to them. They fantasize about being close to the beach. But as it relates to the value of floor space, what’s more important? Buying something on the beach is often dated, small and/or expensive. Sometimes shackled with the emotional desire to possess such a property, they didn’t realize that the new red convertible won’t have a garage space, as an example.

How important is the relation of their new Florida home to the airport, shopping and entertainment? Is privacy and security important? Discovering what is inspiring a Florida home purchase is the key. And the key is usually lifestyle driven.

Typically the southwest Florida home buyer isn’t (any longer) concerned about the school system. But they are interested in what levels of tennis are being played in the tennis clubs or, is the golf course an equity membership or “bundled”. Because Bonita Springs and Naples are secondary “vacation” homes, the whole computation is different even for the seasoned real estate buyer.

Because this home purchase is often emotionally charged, a good Realtor understands the significance of asking the questions that assist the buyer to consider the long term goals and usage for the property. Buyers are quick to see the price opportunities now available without considering the practicality and their own personal usage for the property.

For example, I represent both buyers and the sellers of a high rise homes. Because of the available inventory of homes, prices looked mighty appealing. Yet the price is but a piece of the total picture. What are the annual homeowners and/or master association fees? Are there mandatory club minimums or membership requirements? We must know these figures to make a pragmatic, thoughtful, thought out decision.

What if you found out that the hospital was more than 30 minutes from you? Clear answers on your taxes and what a CDD tax is? How does your situation change in say, 2 years and, does your situation change again in 5 years? These and many other answers to questions help customize and personalize your search. After you recover from the excitement of actually realizing your goal in the purchase of your vacation home, then you can thoroughly enjoy the new home for years to come.

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