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Taking a Look at Upcoming Golf Events for The Colony at Pelican Landing

Are you always down for a round or two of golf? If not, you’re not alone – and if you’re at The Colony at Pelican Landing, you’re in the right place!

The Colony Golf & Country Club is a great destination for golf in Southwest Florida for members of the club and residents of The Colony. Not only do you get a chance to golf regularly at the Club’s 18-hole, par-72 championship golf course, you also get to partake in several incredible events on a monthly basis.

For example, in November alone you can hit the links for:

–          Men’s Opening Day

–          Ladies’ Opening Golf Day

–          Couples’ Opening Day

–          9 Hole Couples’ Opening Golf

–          Men’s Bring-a-Friend Day

–          Ladies’ Bring-a-Friend Day

–          Friday Couples Guest Day

I particularly think the Bring-a-Friend Days are great chances to have an amazing time on the course while enjoying the perks of being a resident at The Colony.

Avid golfers will also want to be around in January for the Men’s Jerry Pate Cup, a tourney named for the designer of the course – former U.S. Open champion Jerry Pate! The Ladies’ Guest Day and Ladies’ Member-Member events help round out some of the special events coming up.

(And if you look a bit further ahead in the calendar, you can start anticipating the famed Couples Invitational held in – when else? – February!)

A long list of fun activities held at the Golf & Country Club and elsewhere at The Colony is one of the many reasons I think owning property in at Pelican Landing is an amazing opportunity for people who want to enjoy the benefits of owning Southwest Florida real estate.

If you want to learn more, check out the homepage of The Colony Golf & Country Club and plan your golf outing today!