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Pelican Landing Gets an Upgrade – the New Beach Is Here!

Five years ago, work began on an ambitious project: restoring a stretch of white sand beach on Big Hickory Island that spans over 34 acres and provides some of the best recreation territory on Estero Bay.

Now, Pelican Landing has announced that the main portion of the project has been completed. The result? Residents have access to over 2,000 yards of shoreline along the bay for family fun on the beach!

A Beach in the Making

The project, a joint venture between Pelican Landing and Hyatt Regency at Coconut Point, cost $3 million and took five years from start to finish as permits and approval were sought from the Fish and Wildlife office, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Needless to say, moving through the network of state and federal agencies who had to sign off on the project took a very long time. During the process, officials also had to handle the problem of reclaiming and renourishing a beach from the bay.

Officials eventually placed seven massive concrete panels to fight erosion and covered them with 105,000 cubic yards of sand taken from the bay floor off New Pass.

The end result: glistening white sand, with more than enough room for Pelican Landing residents to enjoy.

What Still Remains

Over the next few months, Mother Nature will do its job of taking the sand and spreading it where it should go – much of it offshore and under the surface of the water to form sand bars to protect the new beach from erosion caused by water coming onto shore.

Fortunately, you can begin enjoying the beach – and partaking in the other fabulous amenities available to you at Pelican Landing, the premier gated community in Southwest Florida!