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5 Dinner Party Hosting Tips

Summer is the perfect time to gather your closest friends for a fun and relaxing dinner party. Whether you’re a seasoned host/hostess or this is your first real dinner party, you’ll need to keep some important things in mind while you plan and execute your next dinner party.

With the following 5 tips, you can make entertaining a breeze:

  1. Make the beverages easily accessible to all incoming guests. Whether you have a portable bar cart or just a display set up on a nearby table, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks should be readily available to guests. Allowing guests to serve themselves gives you time to greet others and make preparations without having to make sure that all of your guests’ beverage needs are taken care of.
  2. Create a simple, yet stunning, dining display. One way to add some extra oomph to the dinner table is to use a white table cloth with one or two accent colors for the dishware and other décor. Make sure that any centerpieces are not tall enough to block friendly dinner conversation across the table.
  3. Use individual place cards. Who can remember everyone’s name anymore!? Though it might seem a bit formal to use place cards to assign seats for your guests, it will make them feel welcomed and important. Place cards help set your dinner party apart from a typical dinner, and they allow you to strategically seat your guests for the most successful conversation. They also make for lovely decorations. If more casual…consider having pre-made nametags.
  4. Set up the dessert station before the dinner even begins. Since your desserts will be made prior to the main meal, you can set up a table for these after dinner treats before your guests even arrive. Be sure to stock up on plenty of plates and silverware. Setting up ahead of time allows you to spend your after dinner time entertaining and cleaning up.
  5. Don’t refuse help. Many hosts and hostesses will refuse when guests offer to help. The truth is most guests offer because they want to, and chances are you could use the help. Offer these guests simple duties like setting the table, replacing hors d’oeuvres, or small food preparation tasks. This will leave one less thing for you to do, and leave your guests feeling accomplished.

Host a Dinner Party at The Colony

Colony residents have the perfect setting for hosting dinner parties. Whether they’re from your high-rise home with beautiful, panoramic views of the water or in the private dining room at The Colony Golf & Bay Club, your venue will be perfect for hosting guests.

At The Colony, we encourage neighbors to become friends and dinner parties are a great way to make friends within The Colony. Occasionally, residents of The Colony will host dinner parties (even fantastic BBQs), which is a great way to connect with your neighbor and build lifelong friendships.

If you’re interested in learning more about homes in The Colony at Pelican Landing, contact Jill Kushner, an expert realtor (and resident) of The Colony.

What are some of your dinner party hosting tips? Leave them in the comments!