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Southwest Florida Condos and Townhouses Real Estate Stats for November 2014

How is the market for Southwest Florida condos and townhouses? What trends are dominating the market, and what can we expect moving forward?

These are all important questions for homeowners, buyers, and sellers interested in Southwest Florida condos and townhouses – easily one of the most important real estate market segments in the area. Fortunately, we have the good people at the Bonita Springs – Estero Association of Realtors.

BEAR compiles a monthly report with the latest data on a monthly basis. The latest report gives us stats from November 2014, giving us a good eye on the market headed into the beginning of 2015.

The first thing that jumps out at us is that for condos and townhouses, the median sales price went up by 10 percent from November 2013 to this year. That increase – a rise of $18,500 to $203,500 – is a remarkable year-to-year increase that suggests there is plenty of upward movement left in local prices.

Another thing that jumps out is how many months’ worth of supply we have in our active inventory. There are 410 active listings and 146 pending listings, which, at current sales rates, represents just 4.5 months’ worth of supply. This is a low figure and puts us squarely in a sellers’ market, which is good news for owners of Southwest Florida condos and townhouses.

Homes are also selling relatively quickly. A typical unit spent 34 days on the market, compared to 50 days a year ago. Homeowners are receiving 93.9 percent of their original list price on average, which is also a positive development for owners.

Overall, the market is very favorable to owners and sellers. It’s not very favorable to buyers, and this trend is set to continue for the next quarter at least. Buyers who are waiting for the right moment might find that the right moment is now, versus a few months from now when they’re at an even greater disadvantage.

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What Luxury Amenities Do Homeowners Want? | Bonita Springs Real Estate

As a Bonita Springs real estate pro, I have had the good fortune of helping introduce homeowners to luxury condos that don’t just offer nice homes, but offer stellar communities, as well. I’ve come to realize just how important the community is to the overall experience of being a homeowner with a luxury lifestyle.

What sets a community apart from the rest? What makes a homeowner truly feel at home in his or her neighborhood? Among other things, it’s the amenities that make the biggest difference.

Across the area, homeowners make their choices about where they want to live based on the amenities that the community offers. You’d be surprised how important these are when it comes to making a decision. While homeowners still pick the home first, the community is a very close second – and a poor offering of amenities and features could derail an otherwise-promising home.

One big focus that many homeowners have here in Southwest Florida is water. Since we live on the coast, luxury homeowners have come to expect water to play a big role in their communities. They want easy access to the water – whether it’s the bay or the Gulf – and want anything from canoeing and kayaking to fishing, swimming, and boating. They also want access to the beach, like with the 34-acre private white-sand beach at Pelican Landing.

There are, of course, mainstays of the luxury lifestyle. In this area, that means two things: food and golf. Specifically, a community needs to have a fine-dining establishment that satisfies the desires of owners who want an exceptional place to dine with family, friends, and co-workers.

And, as you might imagine, golf plays a big role. Having a championship-quality golf course with a corresponding country club facility is supremely important in this state, and something no community can really do without.

Consider the above amenities when choosing your home and your community, and you won’t be disappointed!

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Master Bedroom with a Master View | Condos in Bonita Springs

condo1 - Master Bedroom with a Master View | Condos in Bonita Springs

Looking for the best condos in Bonita Springs? Look no further- they’re right here in The Colony at Pelican Landing!

At The Colony, you’ll find a wide variety of stunning high-rise condos that have the amenities and features you want in a luxury home. Few other condo units demonstrate this as much as unit 2005.

Unit 2005 is a 20th-floor luxury condo in Florencia, one of The Colony’s best high-rise condo communities. It is a three-bedroom condo with two full baths and one half bath spread out over a generous 2,273 square feet of living space.

There are a lot of great selling points for this particular unit, from its granite countertops in the gourmet kitchen to upgraded cabinetry, an open floor plan, and tiled balcony. One of my personal favorites, though, is the master bedroom.

The master bedroom is not only large and spacious; it also has a spectacular view of the Gulf of Mexico and Estero Bay, a western view from 20 floors up that gives you marvelous Southwest Florida sunsets. That’s right – you can enjoy a delicious sunset from the comfort of your own bed. Few condos in the area can say that, meaning this is a priceless opportunity for a beautiful view.

Of course, you’ll want to get out of the condo at some point – and The Colony has you covered. You can enjoy the social room, grand salon, fitness room, and movie theater in Florencia. You can also enjoy a nice dinner at The Bay Club, or take to the bay and canoe or kayak. A round of golf or tennis might also suit you, and you can do all of that in The Colony.

Check out the full listing, or contact me for a tour!

MLS # 214065503
The Colony at Pelican Landing
23850 Via Italia Circle 2005 Bonita Springs, FL 34134
Three bedrooms/two-and-a-half bathrooms

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Should You Buy a House or a Condo? | Bonita Springs Real Estate

Bonita Springs real estate has some of the best condos in the state. I firmly believe this. But our area also has some of the best single-family houses.

How do you decide which one to pick? Which type of home is better for you? And does it really matter?

Both condos and houses have similarities, and either one can make for a great home, but you might prefer one over the other. Here is a quick guide to how you can choose between buying a house or buying a condo.

Privacy and Proximity

One major difference between houses and condos is that single-family homes tend to be more private than condos, mainly because there is more space between you and your neighbor. Contrast this with a condo, which typically has one or more neighbors that share a wall with you. You could live in a high-rise with three to five other families on the same floor. Even in a two-family unit, you are still in close proximity to neighbors.

Some see this as a tipping point. Others don’t mind and actually prefer close proximity. It really comes down to your preference.

Back Yards Versus No Yards

Single-family homes also usually come with back yards. Condos, as you can imagine, usually don’t. This can be an advantage to you – you may want a back yard for your pets or family. Or, like some of my clients, a back yard may be unnecessary and a waste of space for you, making a condo more preferable. (Plus, not having a yard means you don’t have to mow it!)


Both homeowners and condo owners have to worry about maintaining the interior of their homes, but in many cases, condo owners don’t have to worry about maintaining the exterior – which includes not only the exterior of the home but any landscaping that needs to be done.

Homeowners, on the other hand, have to maintain everything on their property.

Community and Amenities

Finally, condo owners tend to benefit from more-established communities complete with common areas and amenities, such as dining, sports, fitness centers, boating, etc. If you own a single-family home, you will have neighbors and may even have a great community, but chances are you won’t have the same access to amenities (unless you live in a higher-end or gated community).

In the end, when it comes down to Bonita Springs real estate, it’s all based on personal preferences. Take a look at both homes and condos and see which one better fits your style.