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Bonita Springs to Get a New Marina Resort

In case there wasn’t enough to do in Southwest Florida, Bonita Springs is adding another jewel to its collection of attractions: a historic marina that could become something much more.

The former Weeks Fish Camp marina, on Estero Bay, has been annexed by Bonita Springs through a voluntary annexation process and is now officially a part of the city. The marina got its start in the 1940s and quickly grew into a local staple before becoming the target of a new project.

The project, still in the planning stages, would place a resort facility on the site’s 30 acres of land, including a hotel, shops, and a restaurant. The resort would only add to the plethora of amenities and attractions on Estero Bay, which further adds to the allure of the area.

As planned now, the project would cost $100 million and would be made possible with a bevy of tax concessions from the city. The project would also work well with nearby Raptor Bay Golf Club.

It’s exciting to see new developments come to Bonita Springs, especially developments that make use of a part of the land that formerly had fallen on hard times. With any luck, the new development will bring more economic growth to Bonita Springs and create a bigger draw for tourists and locals alike.

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Downtown Bonita Springs Improvements Are on the Way

Downtown Bonita Springs is the heart of the city, hosting a variety of events throughout the year ranging from movies in the park to concerts. This already beautiful area will get a nice update, increasing its ability to remain a center of this growing, thriving city.

Bonita Springs City Council voted unanimously (7-0) to approve a $13 million loan that will be used for making improvements to downtown Bonita Springs. The 15-year loan will be acquired from Bank of American and has a 2.96% interest with payments from February of 2015 to February 2029.

Three million dollars of the loan will be allocated to improve key roads and sidewalks, in addition to adding more on-street parking. Furthermore, some funding will also be used to improve drainage and acquire more land for government purposes.

This much-needed revitalization of downtown Bonita Springs is only one of the many things taking place in our community.

The Bonita Springs City Council is also considering adding a charter high school. A meeting will be set up with both the Florida Municipal Charter School Foundation and the Bonita Springs YMCA to discuss the possibility. The goal is for this charter school is to both offer high-quality education for students while also reflecting the population of the city.

Councilman Steve McIntosh wants to ensure that there is a partnership between any developed charter schools and the public schools to ensure success for everyone involved.

At the end of day, there are some great things happening in Bonita Springs that are fantastic for current homeowners as well as homebuyers.

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