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Wide Open Spaces! Spacious Luxury Condo in Bonita Springs in a Resort-Style Setting

If you like having plenty of space in your home, there’s a luxury condo in Bonita Springs that is screaming your name!

Located in The Colony at Pelican Landing, Bonita Springs’s in-demand gated luxury community, this mid-rise condo is perfect for people who want plenty of room. It comes with an open floor plan spread out over 2,373 square feet of living space. It also comes complete with a massive 500 square-feet lanai, making it the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful Florida sunrise or sunset.

The kitchen comes with marbled countertops and an open floor plan with an island, stainless-steel appliances, and more. The great room gives you plenty of room you can use to entertain or simply relax, and the master bedroom has its own entrance to the lanai so you can slip over to the balcony and enjoy a relaxing evening.

Decor is tastefully Floridian throughout the home, and the warm colors give you a great foundation to work with as you decorate your new home.

Once you leave, you can enjoy the rich amenities that the mid-rise Castella community has to offer. You can enjoy a resort-style pool complete with waterfalls and a lagoon. You can also take part in sailing on the bay, private waterfront dining at The Bay Club, tennis, or simply spending a day at the beach at The Colony’s 34-acre private white-sand beach.

The opportunities are endless. If you love spacious homes, you simply can’t pass up this opportunity! Check out the full MLS listing for more details, or contact me to schedule a tour of what will hopefully be your new home!

MLS # 213510352
The Colony at Pelican Landing
24011 Via Castella Dr 2103, Bonita Springs, FL 34134
Three bedrooms/three bathrooms
2,373 sq. ft.

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Unbeatable View in a Corner Residence Luxury Condo in Bonita Springs!

luxury condo 600x399 - Unbeatable View in a Corner Residence Luxury Condo in Bonita Springs!

Few places in the country compare with the exemplary lifestyle you’ll find in Bonita Springs, especially in our exquisite gated communities. The Colony at Pelican Landing offers that same in-demand Floridian lifestyle in the lap of luxury, and this luxury condo – located in one of The Colony’s prized high-rise condo towers – is no exception.

When you enter condo 304, you’ll immediately notice the benefits of living in a corner residence. Expansive views to the west, north, and east greet you, and you can take in the marvels of the outdoors – as well as catch action on the golf course and the bay – from the comfort of your own lanai.

You’ll also love the space in the luxury condo. This home boasts nearly 2,400 square feet of living space, complete with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, all tastefully decorated and appointed in a warm, Florida style. The dining room allows you to entertain guests with a full view behind you, and the white kitchen puts off a comforting vibe of modernity and grace.

Once you leave the condo, you have even more luxury and amenities at your disposal. Sorrento is one of The Colony’s most prized condo communities, complete with guest suites, a fitness center, a resort-style pool and spa, a billiards room, and more amenities for your comfort and convenience.

Plus, by living in The Colony, you have access to championship-quality golf, a private, 34-acre white sand beach with water taxi, boating on the bay, tennis, fine dining, and the warmth and comfort of your very own community of homeowners.

Take a look at the full MLS listing for more information about condo 304, or contact me for your very own tour. Luxury awaits!

MLS #213506715
The Colony at Pelican Landing
23650 Via Veneto Blvd 304 Bonita Springs, FL 34134
Three bedrooms/three bathrooms

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Three Advantages of Having a Real Estate Agent Sell Your Home

If you have a home that you’ve been thinking of selling, congratulations – you’re about to enter into an exciting whirlwind of activity that will hopefully result in you finding a great buyer for a great property and getting maximum value for your home.

Of course, selling a home is a lot of hard work. It’s not easy to find buyers, let alone convince them to buy your property – especially in a market that is full of opportunities.

That’s why getting a real estate agent to help you sell your home is imperative. Here are three key advantages you’ll gain by getting professional help.

Superior Marketing for Your Home

A real estate pro can help you by marketing your property the right way, ensuring that your home gets more attention from interested buyers.

There are different strategies real estate pros use to attract attention. They include MLS listings, open houses, networking, social media, and the like. But one thing is for sure: agents have tools at their disposal that most homeowners simply don’t have access to.

More Value for Your Home

It’s no secret that real estate pros help homes sell for more.

In 2012, homes sold through a for sale by owner (FSBO) process sold for $174,900 on average. Homes that were sold by real estate agents? The typical value was much higher, at $215,000.

This is because real estate agents understand how to sell your home and emphasize the best features of your property. They also know how to negotiate with other buyers, who are commonly represented by skilled agents of their own.

Agents Bear the Burden of Doing the Work

Finally, selling a home takes a lot of work. Titles, inspections, appraisals, negotiations, closing documents, and other arrangements take time, as does the actual showing of the home (which takes a lot more time than you might realize).

An agent will shoulder the burden of putting all your ducks in a row, which saves you time and stress.

When looking to sell your home, sell with confidence. Sell with a seasoned real estate professional who can shepherd you through the process.

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Three Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Buying a Home

Are you planning on buying a home? If so, congratulations – buying a home is a momentous occasion. Before you get too involved in the process, though, you should take the time to ask yourself a few questions, questions that can help you pick the right home and make the right decisions.

Here are three questions that every soon-to-be home-buyer should ask themselves before moving too far forward.

What Can I Afford?

Keeping your home purchase within your budget is crucial. Buying a home that you can’t really afford is a common mistake that many fall victim to, mainly because buying a home is exciting and it’s easy to get caught up in the entire process.

All of your housing costs – your mortgage, insurance, etc. – shouldn’t cost more than a third of your monthly take-home salary. If your take-home pay is $6,000 per month, for example, your housing budget would be no more than $2,000. If your take-home pay is $4,000, it would be $1,333.

What Do I Want Most in a Neighborhood?

Neighborhoods matter. When you purchase a home, you’re actually purchasing entry into a community as well. So, make sure you know what you want in a neighborhood. Do you value peace, quiet, and privacy? Or, do you want to be around others who are around the same age as you, with children similar to your own?

Amenities factor into the decision as well. Being near amenities can be a powerful factor in choosing a home.

What Is the Absolute Most I’m Willing to Pay?

This goes along with the first question, but is so important I decided to emphasize it again. Have a price and stick to it – no matter what you see or what you encounter. Having a top price that is your absolute most you will pay will save you from overpaying for a home, plus it will help you make a decision with more confidence.

Ask yourself these three questions before you get too involved in the home-buying process and you’ll be more likely to make a strong choice for your real estate future.