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One New Trend in Real Estate: Automated Homes

Every now and then, new trends sweep through the world of real estate, inspiring homeowners to get the latest thing for their properties. From crown molding to granite countertops, these trends can be big or small, inexpensive or costly. But they are all popular and in-demand, creating the latest must-have feature.

Now, the trend is automation – of making a home technologically capable of handling a wide variety of desires and needs at the touch of a button. Homes in Southwest Florida and elsewhere are jumping on the automation bandwagon, and homeowners are busy using technology to its fullest.

Imagine coming home from work and using a remote control device – or your own smartphone – to adjust the temperature, disarm security, and put on music before you step foot in the door. Imagine a home that cools itself as needed by automatically closing shutters during the heat of the day.

All of these things and more are possible with today’s automation technology, which has not only become more capable, but has become more affordable too.

Indeed, it’s becoming hard to find luxury homes that don’t have some kind of automation on the property. One popular option is to make a fully-connected and integrated entertainment system that can be adjusted from anywhere in the home. Another trend is to create lighting that adjusts itself depending on the time of day, perfect for a relaxing time on the porch or lanai.

It’s not just for convenience and entertainment, though. It’s also about security. Home security has become more advanced, and homes in the area are better protected through automation and technology.

You can also ensure that your home is maintained as it should be. Imagine your air conditioner sending an email to a repair guy as it breaks down, all without you having to pick up a phone. Those sorts of advances are being made every day.

Needless to say, automation is becoming a major trend that homeowners will want to know more about as it progresses.