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Snowbirdius Floridius: The Florida Snowbird

Much like the birds flying south for the winter, this time of the year, human residents of cold climates are migrating to Southwest Florida. An often-quoted report by the University of Florida ranked Lee County as having an estimated 75,000 temporary residents during the peak winter season, the highest in the state. Collier County ranked fourth, with an estimated 44,000 winter residents. These “Snowbirds”, as the locals affectionately refer to them, do a lot for our economy! The snowbird creates demand for local goods and services and this creates jobs and a cash flow that Florida counts on.

Centuries ago, during the Victorian age, prosperous Europeans would escape the cold winters of their Northern homes by traveling to a warmer, Mediterranean climate in Italy or Southern France.  These Europeans typically lived a leisurely life of good health and prosperity.  North Americans during the past several centuries have also enjoyed this lifestyle. Many influential Americans and Canadians have enjoyed a winter home in the warmer climates of the United States.  Henry Ford and Thomas Edison both maintained winter homes in Fort Myers, Florida, where some of their most influential ideas were conceived.

Today the snowbird lifestyle is not just for the rich and famous.  Accommodations in every price bracket allow for a large portion of the population to live the snowbird dream.  Here in Bonita Springs, The Colony Golf & Bay Club caters to any need or want a seasonal resident may have. High-rise living is a popular choice for those who are not in Florida year round. The maintenance- free lifestyle and round-the- clock security features are appealing to many people who want to make sure their investment is well taken care of, even when they’re not occupying their residence. From a Concierge Service for those unfamiliar with the area, to a private beach and water taxi for those who don’t want to battle the traffic while heading to the beach- The Colony Golf & Bay Club is the Snowbird’s paradise!

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