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Tips For A Great Open House In Bonita Springs

Staging Your Home to Sell: Effective Home Presentation

Hosting an open house in Bonita Springs is a great way to welcome potential buyers in and often will get the property sold. It’s important before hosting an open house that your property is in decent condition. Buyers are looking for turnkey properties where they can literally move right in with little to no work required.

According to Realtor, very few buyers want to buy a house sight unseen. Buyers need to envision how they’ll use the available space, which means showing your listing in the best possible light. Staging your home is the first step in preparing your home for an open house. You want your home looking polished, inviting, and in style. A professional Bonita Springs real estate agent will be able to ensure a great open house. Did you know a staged home sells faster and at a higher price? We highly recommend the following few staging tips to make your home look like a model home:

De-Clutter: De-cluttering is crucial to staging a home. Potential buyers need to envision their stuff in your space, so all the clutter has to go. It’s recommended to remove most personal touches in your home – that means remove all family photos. You want your decorating choices to appeal to the majority of homebuyers. Just because you like modern black and white stripes on a kitchen wall doesn’t mean a potential buyer will. Color has a major impact on selling a home; you want a color that highlights the architectural details and invites you right in. We recommend using neutral colors in your home.

Professional Photographs: If you use a professional real estate agent, he or she will take professional photographs to adequately market your home online. Your photographs should be taken during the day to allow for more natural light, and your property should already be staged. One of the things that make staged homes look so warm and inviting is natural lighting. Be sure that the photographs being posted are of the best selling features of your home (walk in closets, soaking tub, master suite, etc.).

Make Your Bonita Springs Home More Sellable Today

If you’re looking to make you Bonita Springs home more sellable hire a professional real estate agent. A professional Bonita Springs real estate agent will be able to market your home to a larger audience, and present your home in the best possible way. Jill Kushner can help you get the most money for your home, and sell it in the least amount of time! For all of your Bonita Springs real estate needs, contact Jill Kushner.

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