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What Luxury Amenities Do Homeowners Want? | Bonita Springs Real Estate

As a Bonita Springs real estate pro, I have had the good fortune of helping introduce homeowners to luxury condos that don’t just offer nice homes, but offer stellar communities, as well. I’ve come to realize just how important the community is to the overall experience of being a homeowner with a luxury lifestyle.

What sets a community apart from the rest? What makes a homeowner truly feel at home in his or her neighborhood? Among other things, it’s the amenities that make the biggest difference.

Across the area, homeowners make their choices about where they want to live based on the amenities that the community offers. You’d be surprised how important these are when it comes to making a decision. While homeowners still pick the home first, the community is a very close second – and a poor offering of amenities and features could derail an otherwise-promising home.

One big focus that many homeowners have here in Southwest Florida is water. Since we live on the coast, luxury homeowners have come to expect water to play a big role in their communities. They want easy access to the water – whether it’s the bay or the Gulf – and want anything from canoeing and kayaking to fishing, swimming, and boating. They also want access to the beach, like with the 34-acre private white-sand beach at Pelican Landing.

There are, of course, mainstays of the luxury lifestyle. In this area, that means two things: food and golf. Specifically, a community needs to have a fine-dining establishment that satisfies the desires of owners who want an exceptional place to dine with family, friends, and co-workers.

And, as you might imagine, golf plays a big role. Having a championship-quality golf course with a corresponding country club facility is supremely important in this state, and something no community can really do without.

Consider the above amenities when choosing your home and your community, and you won’t be disappointed!

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