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Lead. Don’t Follow.

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Rentals are hot! Presumably because new Bonita home buyers are skittish about the exact right time to purchase.  Enter the opportunists.  Our leaders.
As it happens,  rental property purchase could prove to be the next line of real estate business in our area.  Those possessing good credit scores can qualify for mortgages with very low interest rates. Hypothetically, why not invest your earnest money deposit and have it work for you in the less dicey real estate market?
So many of our Colony residents purchased their homes a couple of years before they retired.  Renting their new homes for a couple of years is a practical approach to locking in a great interest rate AND fetching a home priced at lower than what it’d cost to build.
The rent monies proffered often cover the residences carrying charges and taxes. 
Home buyers who place a tenant in their new Colony residence can even themselves enjoy the home in the off-peak months.
I have listings in new high rises, for example, that just a few years ago absolutely could not be purchased under a million dollars that today are selling for 70% of that…furnished!
These are not dated homes but built to the highest and newest storm code construction with high quality finishes and high ceilings.  Why delay any longer?

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