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How to Stage your Home for a Sale

For years the trend in real estate sales here in Southwest Florida has been staging. Staging is essentially the modern name for an old technique of decorating the house for the sale rather than for the taste of the current owner.

Why is it so important? Staging your home makes it look its best before you put it on the market.

If you’re considering selling your single-family or high-rise condo, here are some staging tips to help you make your home stand out from the crowd:

  • Get rid of the clutter: Are you one of those people who have a plethora of small appliances on the kitchen countertop Or have closets filled with clothes from decades past? Perhaps one too many knickknacks used to decorate? Whatever the case, get rid of clutter. The goal is for your house to look roomy, not lived in.
  • Fresh coat of paint: Whether it be indoors or out, painting is the least expensive way to get the maximum impact. It’s quick and simple plus it helps your home avoid looking boring or dated. Visit paint stores for trendy (but safe) color combinations.
  • Update your lighting: This is another inexpensive way to make your single family or high-rise home look more modern. Bright brass is now out, and polished nickel is in. Be sure to use the highest safe wattage for each fixture. It makes your home look “bright and cheerful.”
  • Create the mood by accessorizing: Visit high-rise condominium model homes here at The Colony for ideas from Naples and Bonita Springs best decorators.
  • Focus on kitchen and bathrooms: Creating a kitchen that “pops” is key. That means it makes a strong and positive first impression. And that certainly means a kitchen and bath that is scrubbed until it sparkles, and may mean new granite counters and fine cabinets.

I always tell my clients who are selling their homes at The Colony Golf & Bay Club that we are trying to stage the home to sell, not to be lived in. You can make your home very attractive to buyers, but you’ll need to “move out” emotionally and look at your house in a new light.

Are you ready to sell or purchase a home here in Southwest Florida? If so, contact me today.

Happy staging!

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