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How to decorate the bonus room in your home.

The living room is spacious. The kitchen is a cook’s dream. The master bathroom is like a spa, and there’s even a guest room for the grandchildren. But you still have another room left in your home at The Colony Golf & Bay Club. So what are you going to do with it? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Home Office – Do you work from home or own your own business? If so, a bonus room can be the perfect choice to convert to a home office. Make sure you decorate and stage the space appropriately complete with ample storage and noise buffers plus everything else you need to work efficiently.

Game Room – Most modern game rooms have a TV, and the bigger the better. Movable seating is for gaming, so it can be easily moved out of the way for more physically active gaming such as Wii Sports. A Murphy bed is a great option to include since it can easily transition into a guest room. For more traditional game room ideas, basic fixtures include a pool table, dartboard and sometimes a bar.

Home Gym – Even though every high-rise tower at The Colony offers a fully-equipped gym, you may still want to use your bonus room as a private workout area. Include a stationary bike or treadmill, free weights and even a TV to keep you from getting bored.

Family Room – Your family and grandchildren visit a few times a year so it doesn’t warrant making it into a play room, but a family room in your new high-rise or single-family residence at The Colony Golf & Bay Club will create a place the whole family can gather and relax in. Include games, movies and a snack area, and keep the space cozy and inviting.

Whatever you decide to do with your bonus room, even if it’s simply creating another guest room for visitors, you’ll have ample space in your new single-family or high-rise residence at The Colony Golf & Bay Club.

How would you design your bonus room?

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