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Hiring Licenced Contractors

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With due respect to people who have an uncanny certain knowing how to fix stuff, as a licenced real estate agent, I think it best to use those who have a tried and true reputation for getting a job done well and guaranteeing performance on home service or repair.
But even more important than that, is the question, What if a repairman or “handyman” gets hurt in your home?  Have you requested the proper insurance evidence of that contractor to protect you and your own insurance policy from some unforeseen claim?
Experience has taught us much in our Colony high rises.   The path causing the least aggravation is to request a copy from the management of licensed approved contractors.   From La Scala north to Navona, each high rise keeps copious notes on those contractors whose coverage protects both the association and the individual homeowner from workers unanticipated accidents.  And what a wonderful resource available to you!
Residents who have come before have learned these lessons the hard way and ended up having to bring in the true professional.  Why not just avoid all of that and ask for a list of those who have worked within your building.
I also keep a copy of this information, should you want a few good suggestions on anything from dog walkers to painters and plumbers.  Please feel free to email me your request.

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