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High rise updates-Its Quiet!

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Florencia 901

The weather word is that the “north” is experiencing hotter temps and humidity than we are here in Bonita. The number of folks in residence here at The Colony Golf and Bay Club is pretty low.  An in-season percentage of people in residence at any of our high rises might be around 50%.  This time of year we hover around 15% of capacity.  So, Florencia, where I will be sitting Open House today, with its 116 homes, might have 20 units occupied.  But really this is THE BEST time of year to enjoy Bonita Springs.
Funny enough, new high rise, such as those in The Colony, are really built to withstand storm conditions beyond some of the best single family building codes.  Additionally, the contemporary building theme endeavors to consider the “what ifs” of a storm.
For example, Treviso, La Scala, Florencia are among 3 of the high rises that during a power loss with convert to generator power, making the elevators operable and much of the lobby level still lighted and air conditioned.
All of these high rises built with impact glass making hurricane shutters more of a luxury convenience to keep debris off furniture than the duplicate effort to protect the home.
High rises are such a wonderful solution for a secondary home purchase.  They are designed with the idea in mind that management oversees scheduled mechanical maintenance of each individual unit and pest control, as two examples,  always “watching the ship”, all year long, when everyone is here and like now when their trying to enjoy their summers up north.  Come home SOON!

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