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Garages Can Be the Deciding Factor

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Colony high rises differ from one another in many different ways.  With the intended mission of providing something for everyone, each of the 6 high rises have different floor plans, different number of total residences and the amenity lobby levels are unique in every one, including their garages.
Often those who are intermittent Colony residents, who rent a car on their way from the airport and to
The Colony, might elect a leaner garage option.  Both Sorrento and Navona have one deeded covered parking space and one additional space for each residence.
Navona’s garage, while attached to the building, sits directly to the south of the building.  This can present a challenge for those schlepping luggage and provisions to the their place on the north side of the building.  By and large, most Navona residents are not concerned with perceived inconvenience.
Sorrento garage is placed under the building, making a more balanced critical path to everyone’s front door.
Treviso and Florencia both offer two deeded spaces in their garages which sit below the building.  That one additional space has inspired many former Sorrento or Navona residents to move over to one of these two.
And Treviso offers private garages inside the under building garage, as does Palermo and La Scala.
Trivial to some, many people who were concerned about forfeiting the garage feature of a single-family home found this to be the perfect solution.  #1503 Palermo, as an example, has a 2-car private garage in the Palermo garage, with air conditioned storage room.  There’s ample space as well for bicycles, clubs, etc.
When we were selling these buildings on a pre-construction basis, private garages came at a premium…usually $100k.   There are only a few in each of  these buildings and they are, as well, deeded.

When we get together to see some of  these beautiful high rises, we can find out which parking spaces are associated with the homes you most prefer, as the information is usually included on the Seller’s Disclosure.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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