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From Yoga Classes to Private Wine Lockers: The Amenities of Master-Planned Communities.

ed-wine-glass-and-bottleFlorida’s master-planned community scene is definitely competitive. There are an abundance of single-family homes, high-rise condominiums and villa homes targeting the first, second and even third home buyer. This means that developers must offer luxurious community and high-rise building amenities in order to separate themselves from the pack.

Most communities have fitness centers, but some of new communities or high-rise condominium towers now offer trendier fitness options like yoga and Pilates classes, or even indoor resistance pools for aquatic workouts.

Theater rooms are another trend in more urban cities, yet have been popular here in Southwest Florida for years now. All of the high-rise towers at The Colony Golf & Bay Club offer this type of entertainment in addition to having a bar, catering kitchen and even a billiards area.

One of the newest trends in community amenities, which is gaining popularity, are private climate-controlled wine lockers for residents. For instance, The Colony Golf & Bay Club’s private dining facility, The Bay Club, offers residents the opportunity to store up to 18 bottles of their favorite wine at a lesser price than what a restaurant would offer – if they even offered it. This makes going out to dinner at the Club even more affordable for Colony residents, plus they can enjoy a bottle of wine from their own private collection. Now that’s a great perk!

What amenities do you look for when purchasing a home?

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