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Florencia Knows How to Throw a Party!

Florencia friends make a point of gathering together at least once a week during “season”.   They congregate at the social pavilion, poolside, sharing an appetizer with neighbors while enjoying music, live or taped.

Florencia has an impressive social committee.   All the monthly events are scheduled long in advance and are supported by residents interested in volunteering their time


for set up and clean-up.   Often the events are casual and residents will sign up just days in advance when they know they can get away to enjoy their neighbors.  Attendance is usually at least 60 people and a good time is had by all!

Activities at Florencia are not limited to these social events; there’s a Florencia book club, a group get-together to play Mah Jongg and many other informal gatherings of residents making dates to attend together floral class at The Bay Club, Tremendous Tuesday at The Golf Club or go to one of our local theaters for live entertainment.