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Did You Confirm Fido Would Be Welcome?

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Some community designers and builders have really embraced the idea that large percentage of condo buyers own pets.   The theory goes that because one of our leading demographic condo buyers are comprised of “empty nesters”, people who have the time to re-direct their love and attention to their pets.  Developers would be wise to permit pets for this reason lest they disqualify a very large group of prospects.  Buyers prior to signing a sales contract on the perfect place would likewise be wise to fully comprehend the condominium rules on pets. 
From time to time some of the older condominiums have more stringent rules.  Some have absolutely restricted any pets whatsoever.   The Colony Golf and Bay Club having (generally speaking) a more progressive opinion on the subject, pets are accepted by most of the neighborhoods. 
But I have met people who contracted on a condominium, were presented with the required condominium docs and decided not read them.  They learned after they were out of the 3-day rescission period that pets were not allowed in the building.
When  you are speaking to your Realtor about a condominium in Naples or Bonita Springs,  remember to mention you have a pet so that their search weeds out those less than forward thinking condo policy writers.

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