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Definition of A Good Buyer’s Agent

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Many times over the years, I have contracted on property for clients whose primary residence is elsewhere.
This week I helped some clients-turned-friends purchase a piece of property. Busy in their work, they couldn’t fly here but didn’t want to miss the opportunity to seriously consider this investment purchase.
I was their eyes to view the residence, confirming, in their absence, what they saw on the web was actually what they were making an offer on.  Client on the other end of a phone call I place as I approach the property, I provide a narrative during the tour.
I could corroborate the current value of the property and submit an educated assessment, based on closed sales of comparable units.

Castella at The Colony Golf & Bay Club

A good buyer’s agent asks many questions of the client.  This takes time, particularly if the property is something they want to live in versus an investment property.
I knew what these clients were looking for. I knew my client. And the property I located on their behalf, had met an exceeded the stated goals.  Thoroughness includes the evaluation of the property’s re-saleability but the primary goal of this property was its ability to produce rental income.
Having been in the local real estate market for many years, I had more than a notion of what to look for on the tour; both good and bad. And I understand the value of hiring a licensed inspector.
I am experienced and trustworthy but still humble enough to know what’s outside of my skill set and that includes rendering legal opinions.  Hiring a board certified Florida real estate attorney is optional however, I highly recommend it.  Here in Bonita and Naples for something like $700, you ensure comprehension of the language in contract and how you can exercise the clauses suggested.
When interviewing agents, ask where and what kind of real estate represents the majority of their experience.  If unimproved land, perhaps there’s a better choice in seeking perspective on condominium purchases.

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