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The Colony 2014 Market Snapshot | The Colony Golf & Bay Club

The Colony Golf & Bay Club is a wonderful place to live. I’ve been privileged to have helped many clients find their dream homes at The Colony, and it’s always a treat to get to interact with them like I did in late November with my annual The Colony 2014 Market Snapshot presentation.

the colony golf & bay club

In the presentation, I shared the latest real estate facts, figures, and trends about The Colony with over 50 attendees who wanted to understand the strong real estate environment we are currently in.

Here is some of what we talked about in case you missed it.

Homes in The Colony

Currently, The Colony boasts 999 homes across 809 acres. These homes include:

  • 491 high-rise residences
  • 168 mid-rises
  • 100 coach homes
  • 76 low-rises
  • 94 villa homes
  • 70 custom homes

These are spread out across neighborhoods like Sorrento, Castella, Merano, Las Palmas, and Tuscany Isle.

These numbers belie The Colony’s reputation as a high-rise community, but as you can see, there are actually just as many non-high-rise options, which makes the community perfectly versatile for all walks of life.

Furthermore, there are an estimated 228 homes to be constructed, which will bring the total number of homes in the area to 1,227.

Who Is the Typical Colony Buyer?

I also covered the typical profile of a buyer who purchases a home in The Colony.

The typical buyer is:

  • College educated
  • Anywhere from within five years of retirement to having been retired for five years
  • Not a first-time homebuyer
  • Making a purchase based on lifestyle and amenities
  • Relocating from nearby communities like Pelican Landing

What’s For Sale – and For How Much?

My attendees were also interested in learning what is for sale in The Colony. As I shared, there are nine single-family homes and villas, 36 high-rise homes, and 63 low-rise, mid-rise, and coach homes.

Prices were also of interest. Closed and pending sale prices for high-rise communities rose by eight percent from January of this year to November. During that same time period, homes in the Bellagio community were also up eight percent, while villa homes were up an astounding 20 percent! And homes in the Merano and Castello areas had prices rise by nine percent.

As you can see, real estate in The Colony is healthy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

the colony golf & bay club

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