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The Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2016

When you live in The Colony, chances are, every day is a vacation. You’ve got every amenity at your disposal – from private beach access and a community boat launch to top notch golfing, everything you could ever want is available at The Colony. The surrounding area in Bonita Springs also offers excellent shopping and fine dining options. However, nothing can beat a change of pace. Getting out and exploring what the United States has to offer beyond Florida can bring you the memories of a lifetime and experiences you won’t forget. Read on to find out about the top 5 travel destinations that are perfect for those looking to get away!

#1: New York

NEW YORK CITY – If you’re looking for the excitement of a big city, look no further than New York City! You certainly won’t run out of things to do with all that The Big Apple has to offer. There is a myriad of well-known museums, theatres and operas, like Carnegie Hall and The Metropolitan Opera. For any American, visiting the 9/11 Memorial is sure to be a moving and memorable experience as well. On a lighter note, you could pack a picnic and experience gorgeous Central Park, or get dinner and drinks and feel the buzz of Times Square.  You will also have to visit the historic Statue of Liberty to round out your visit. And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention taking in the views of the gargantuan skyscrapers of Wall Street, too! And this is just a snippet of what you could do in New York!

THE HAMPTONS –  If you’re thinking of a change of scenery that’s not quite as action packed and more on the relaxing side, look no further than the Hamptons. Experience a different kind of beach while still enjoying the comforts of luxury. There are still plenty of activities to do — golfing, fishing, kayaking are just a few things you can do in this top notch vacation destination. Sip on some wine while touring the vineyards. In the Hamptons, you can eat some of the best seafood that the east coast has to offer, all while in the company of people who like to enjoy the finer things in life.

#2: Hawaii

OAHU & KAUAI – Hawaii brings a tropical paradise that is unlike any beach destination on the mainland. Whether you’re visiting the popular Oahu or the less populated Kauai to take in stunning views, there are endless options to satisfy anyone’s vacation tastes. You can be active and go hiking amongst the volcanoes and waterfalls or experience underwater sea life with some of the best spots for snorkeling and scuba diving. You can simply relax on the beach or take advantage of health spas in the area, too. With all the entertainment opportunities, you’ll be able to experience whatever you like — restaurants, shopping, and nightlife options are endless! Hawaii tops almost any vacation destination list because it’s really got everything!

#3: Colorado

ASPEN/VAIL – If you started out as a snowbird and are now living in The Colony permanently, you might miss a touch of snow from time to time. The perfect cure for that itch is to visit the slopes in Vail or Aspen, Colorado! Take in the views of the Rockies while cruising down the slopes.  Although Vail offers more challenging slopes than Aspen, Aspen can add a historical dimension to your trip— visit the mining museums while you’re there to add to your experience!

#4: Nevada

LAS VEGAS – Viva, Las Vegas! Trade in laying on the beach for getting waited on poolside, and once the sun goes down, you can hit up the strip. There are endless casinos, shows, and dining options at your fingertips. Take a tour of the strip or walk it yourself — you’ll never get bored! You’ve also got access to excellent spas and shopping, so this can be a perfect trip for guys and gals alike!

If you’ve had enough of the nonstop flashing lights and never-ending nightlife, take a short trip over to the Grand Canyon and experience it by helicopter! You’ll never be able to get the breathtaking views on land, but it’s definitely a trip for those with easy flying legs. Do more than just the strip and experience nature’s wonders!

#5: Tennessee

Get out there and see something different! Just a short trip away, Tennessee offers majestic mountains and some unbeatable vacation destinations that are just a short trip away.

NASHVILLE – If you’re a fan of country music, Nashville is a must — see a show at the Grand Ole Opry and visit the Country Music Hall of Fame. Have a fun time exploring downtown Nashville, which offers shopping, excellent restaurants, and exciting nightlife. Discover new artists while listening to live country music at any of the honky tonks in the area! Music City is sure to be a pleaser for country music fans and novices alike, and it’s a perfect destination for an extended weekend stay!

MEMPHIS – Similarly, if you’re an Elvis or blues fan, Memphis is also a great spot to visit. Have a blast on Beale Street, visit Sun Studios and Graceland, and experience the National Civil Rights Museum, which is located at the Lorraine Motel.

GATLINBURG – Gatlinburg is also sure to hit the spot of those seeking more out of their vacation than beaches and traditional tourist destinations. Get adventurous in Tennessee — go whitewater rafting, zip lining, hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, camping, and more. When you’re ready for a break from all the activity, take home a mason jar of Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine at their distillery in Gatlinburg.

Get Out and Travel!

If you’re looking to get away, the bottom line is that you’ve got a pick a place that aligns with your interests. What are you hoping to experience and how do you envision your vacation? These are some great options, but it’s a big world out there — get exploring!

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Are You Retiring? Consider Downsizing Your Home

Retirement is an exciting time, and if you’re at that point in your life, it’s time to examine your current situation, financially and in terms of real estate, to determine how you want to spend your golden years. When you’re ready to retire, downsizing from a single family home to a highrise condo can be an attractive option— after all, it’s finally time to relax! Read on to find out how downsizing may be the right move for you!

Downsizing Doesn’t Mean Downgrading!

When you’ve invested in a single family home, you’ve got a lot of things. You might have an in-home office, a garage, a yard. When you trade all of that in for a highrise condo, the tradeoff has to be worth it. Luxury highrise condos are the way to go. Maintenance free, chock full of amenities, upgrades galore, and exquisite design details; your condo could be what you’ve always dreamed of having. Add in a gorgeous view, and you’re living in paradise! Why vacation? It’s time to live the good life every day.

Two Words: Liquid Assets

If you’re nearing retirement age, you may be in a situation where you have paid for most of your current home (if not paid it off entirely). Selling your home for a condo may leave you with a decent amount of funds that can be used as you wish. Maybe you’ll invest that money, add it to your retirement income, or make your monthly payment on your condo lower. Of course, every situation is independent to the individual, but it might be something to consider if you’re in that position.

Declutter and Live Freely!

Don’t think of downsizing as a negative thing. Think of it as finding the size that fits your current needs and an opportunity to leave a cleaner, less cluttered life. Downsizing can mean getting rid of junk! You have it, I have it, we all have it. But why should you surround yourself with things that just take up space? Live with what you need and live well. Donate items to charity and feel good about the positive impact you’re making. Yes, downsizing means that you will have less space. However, you are perfectly capable of living a happy life — if not happier, more relaxed life — in a highrise condo.

Less Work, More Reward

Highrise condos provide you with easy living! No more mowing and watering the grass, taking care of landscaping gardens, or cleaning the gutters! When you downsize to a condo, you’re rewarding yourself with, to put it simply, less work! Not only will you not have to go to your job, but you won’t have to do work around the house and handle general maintenance. And that means you’ll have more time to enjoy the things you love, like golfing, hanging by the pool, shopping, and eating out. The great news about living in The Colony in Bonita Springs is that you will never run out of things to do. We offer golf, kayaking/canoeing, fitness, a butterfly garden, and more.

You’re Retired – Enjoy It!

Luxury highrise condos are typically surrounded by things to do! You’ve been working your whole life, and it’s finally time to take time out for yourself. Highrise condos offer a ton of amenities within the building, like fitness centers, pool and barbecue areas, private golf courses, and some even have spas. Picture it now: you’ll be looking forward to Monday morning because you can go golfing, hit the beach, lay out by the pool or do exactly what you want to do. These are all things that highrise condos, like The Colony, offer. That’s what retirement is supposed to be all about, right?

Freedom to Travel

When you own a single family home, the thought of leaving it can be daunting — what if something goes wrong, and no one is there to tend to it? What if someone breaks in? Who will cut the grass? The list of worries could go on. When you downsize to a highrise condo, you won’t have to worry about who will take care of your home because your association will take care of it for you. And as an added bonus, most luxury highrise condos offer excellent security as part of the amenities they offer.

Safety First!

Speaking of security, not only will you not have to worry if you want to pack your bags and travel, but when you’re at home, your mind will be at ease knowing you’re living within a safe community that has its own private security. Solicitors won’t be able to bother you, and scam artists posing as solicitors won’t make it past the front gates. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that there’s surveillance in the unlikely event something might go wrong (after all, we do not live in a perfect world — but highrise condo living might be as close as you can get!). Security can get expensive in a single family home because you have to pay for the installation as well as monthly fees to keep it running, and even if you already invest in a security system, you likely don’t have actual security guards manning the entrance. Security won’t be free in a highrise condo, but it will wrapped up in a nominal HOA/condo fee.

Community Living

If you’re like many folks who have retired, you may have children who have grown up or perhaps moved away to attend college. Even if you’re married or have a significant other, living by yourself can get lonely. Highrise condos are an ideal situation for retired individuals because there’s a lot to do, and a lot of people around you who are at similar points in their lives and who likely share common interests. You can make new friends and enjoy spending time with the friends you’ve had for years. Individuals who invest in luxury highrise condos for their retirement years are looking for the same things you are because if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be there.

Retire in Style! Consider The Colony in Bonita Springs Today

If you’re in the beginning stages of planning your move to a highrise condo, I strongly urge you to consider The Colony in Bonita Springs, Florida.

We’re located in the quiet heart of Southwest Florida, with close proximity to beautiful beaches, high-end shopping, amazing dining, and more. Additionally, The Colony offers highrise condos with an abundance of amenities: kayaking, canoeing, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a butterfly garden, and more.

To learn more about luxury, highrise condos in The Colony, contact Jill Kushner, a real estate specialist and resident of The Colony. Simply call (239) 691-5505 or click here.

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Longtime Colony Resident Featured in Forbes Magazine: An Interview with Katrin Dambrot Sternberg

One of my longtime friends and resident of The Colony, Katrin Dambrot Sternberg, was recently featured in Forbes Magazine, 2016 Investment Guide edition in an article titled, “In Good Company: The Future of Women in Data-Driven Leadership.” Katrin, a Colony member since 2006, discusses her role as president of the Financial Women’s Association (FWA).

The Financial Women’s Association is a pioneer in female professional advancement and serves at the intersection of corporations cultivating women executives and the female professionals seeking to lead. The organization was founded in 1956 and has established a community in which women in finance across all industries can develop relevant business skills, learn from industry trendsetters, and contribute to the next generations through student mentoring.

IMG 2859 e1455128340638 225x300 - Longtime Colony Resident Featured in Forbes Magazine: An Interview with Katrin Dambrot SternbergIn February, Katrin had the opportunity to ring the NASDAQ bell in New York City to celebrate the FWA’s 60th Anniversary. Just before this, I had the chance to speak with Katrin about her experience with the FWA and in The Colony.

What led you to become a part of the FWA?

Many years ago a friend asked me to join her at a FWA Distinguished Speakers event. I found both the speaker as well as the FWA members I met to be exceptionally smart, professional and willing to share knowledge and ideas with others. As I continued to attend events, I was impressed by the deep friendships between members and the bonds that were formed.

What has your involvement with the organization consisted of? (Daily tasks, etc.?)

As President, I interface with the organization’s full-time staff including the Executive Director (currently Interim Executive Director) who oversees the day-to-day running of the organization. I also chair the Board which consists of 30 members.

The FWA sponsors 50-70 events every year which are attended by our members as well as non-members. All events are planned and executed by our members as volunteers with administrative support from our staff.

Additionally, we have a sizeable mentoring and scholarship program at the high school and college level, a financial literacy program and a Wall Street Exchange Program where we mentor interns at our Presidents’ Circle firms through a summer of developmental events designed to improve their business ‘soft skills’. Again, all mentoring is done by our member volunteers who take on multi-year challenges.

In the last year, we have piloted a Pacesetters program which provides a one-year developmental program for young, high-achievers nominated by their firms for the program. Participation is free to the nominees.

IMG 2854 - Longtime Colony Resident Featured in Forbes Magazine: An Interview with Katrin Dambrot Sternberg

What are some major things you would like to see change/evolve in the future?

The FWA is constantly evolving. We started as a support and networking organization in 1956, and we continue to be just that for our members. But we have also evolved with our educational programs, and our events need to mirror the needs of the business world, and we recognize that girls and women have fallen behind in keeping up with the huge leaps in technology and the need to be “technology literate” in order to succeed and lead in today’s business environment. We are putting greater emphasis on supporting our educational efforts as well as our event planning to develop our constituencies to be ready for the business world of today and tomorrow.

What are your thoughts/feelings on being featured in Forbes?

It’s fun, 15 minutes of fame…what can I tell you. Everybody likes to see their name in print.

(All of her life accomplishments has ultimately led her to want a home of her own in The Colony and we wanted to know why.)

Katrin explained, “Quite by accident actually. My husband and I had spent five years looking for our ideal place to live along the east coast of Florida and had not yet found it. An ex-boss of mine who had moved to Pelican Landing invited us to dinner while we were vacationing on Marco Island. We arrived early and decided to kill time in the WCI sales office. We loved the property and entered the auction for a pre-construction spot at Navona in 2004, and were original owners by 2006.”

What is your favorite thing about The Colony?

That’s a difficult question. It’s beautiful and there’s a lot to do, but, ultimately, it boils down to the friendships and bonds built and the feeling that this is our home and where we belong.

How would you describe The Colony relative to your professional experience?

“I sit on the Board of Navona, and I think that I bring those skills honed on other Boards to Navona.”

Why did you choose Navona at The Colony?

We loved the layout of the units when we saw the design, pre-construction. And we loved the view from every room in our unit.

What is it like working with Jill Kushner?

We first met Jill when we purchased the unit as she was with WCI at the time. We formed a friendship with Jill since then and often invite her to our social functions, as she has done with us.

How would you describe a day in The Colony?

We like to walk around The Colony, but days vary. We are not into golf or tennis, but we do take part in regular lunches at the Clubhouse and enjoy all of the scenic views throughout the different communities as we take walks in The Colony. We constantly run into our friends and neighbors, and have continued building friendships, going out, and participating in organized activities such as Navona’s pancake breakfast and Super Bowl party. It’s always great coming back to Southwest Florida from up north. It’s kind of a joke around here that when we return The Colony our friends and neighbors greet us by saying ‘welcome back to paradise,’ yet that is exactly what this location means to us.

Katrin is without a doubt a very successful woman, and an idol to many female entrepreneurs nationwide. Her life experiences and choices have influenced her success, which has ultimately led her to be able to enjoy a luxury lifestyle right here in Southwest Florida at The Colony.

If you are ready to begin living the luxury lifestyle you deserve, look no further than The Colony. Contact Colony specialist Jill Kushner for an exclusive showing of The Colony today!

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Golf Tips: Where to Find the Best Gear for Your Game

With all of its natural beauty, Southwest Florida has some of the country’s most beautiful golf courses. If you love to golf then you know how important it is to have the gear that you need when you’re ready to hit the course. If you’re looking for golf equipment in Bonita Springs, check out the retailers below to find all the gear that you need for your game.

The Golf Guys

3440 Renaissance Blvd, Unit 8, Bonita Springs

(239) 948-9840

The Golf Guys provide the best golfing equipment and apparel for golfers of all levels. The PGA professionals in the shop can help you find just the equipment to meet your unique needs. At The Golf Guys, you can get custom clubs and club repairs, as well as choose from a large selection of quality golf apparel and shoes. The Golf Guys is the perfect one stop shop, carrying all of your favorite brands in store, such as Adidas, Zero Restriction, Nike, Bridgestone, and New Balance.

Edwin Watts Golf

8350 Hospital Dr. Ste 114, Bonita Springs

(239) 485-0409

Edwin Watts Golf is a Worldwide Golf Shops Company offering a very wide selection of golf clubs, apparel, shoes, accessories, balls, bags, and training equipment. With brands like Puma, Titleist, Under Armor, Nike Golf, Club Glove, and Oakley, you are sure to find just what you are looking for. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the store, Edwin Watts Golf has an extensive shop online where you can find even more gear for your game.

The Colony Golf & Bay Club’s Golf Shop

For residents of The Colony, it’s easy to get the golf gear you need because The Colony Golf and Bay Club has a golf shop on site. The PGA certified staff can help you improve your game by providing expert tips and techniques, as well as information on course conditions. Whether you are looking for a new driver to help your golf game or you just want to update your golfing wardrobe, The Colony’s Golf Shop has everything you need. In addition to upscale golfing attire, the shop also carries the latest in innovative club technology.

Find Your Next Home at The Colony

Love to golf? Living at The Colony is all about experiencing the lifestyle you want with plenty of opportunities to stay active. With a stunning 18-hole championship golf course designed by Jerry Pate,

The Colony truly is a golfer’s paradise. If you are interested in seeing all that The Colony has to offer, contact Jill Kushner to schedule a tour. Jill has been helping new residents find the home of their dreams in The Colony since 2003 and will be happy to help you on your journey to find the perfect Colony home!

Do you have a retailer where you can find the latest and greatest golf gear in Bonita Springs? Leave your answer in the comments!