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Bonita Springs Gated Communities

What makes a Bonita Springs Gated Community more Livable?

Did you know gated communities make up the majority of Southwest Florida’s housing market? Gated communities are highly appealing to some homebuyers who like the privacy, security, and the sense of community. However, not all homebuyers agree with this. Living in a gated community depends solely on the things you value in a neighborhood/community. If you envision a neighborhood with well-maintained sidewalks, pristine golf courses, and resort-style amenities, the gated community lifestyle is certainly for you!

There are a number of different factors that contribute to making a gated community more livable. A livable community is designed for all ages and appeals to all residents. Livable communities are for everyone, whether young or old, pedestrian or bicyclist, motorist or jogger. According to The American Institute of Architects, “a livable community recognizes its own unique identity and places a high value on the planning processes that help manage growth and change to maintain and enhance its community character.” The following are 5 factors that foster livable communities:

Sense of Security: Many homeowners feel vulnerable and are turning to walls and gates for a sense of security. Gated communities are residential areas that have restricted access; guards and/or gates control gated community access. Gated communities have security mechanisms in place that will deter crime, which makes for a quiet and private community.

Exclusivity: Buyers are not only buying a home, they’re buying a lifestyle. People interested in buying into a gated community want to be a part of a community. The lifestyle offered is usually what attracts residents.

Complete Streets: Complete streets offer a safe and attractive alternative to automobile travel. Gated communities tend to have well-defined bike routes, well-maintained sidewalks, and encourage healthy and active lifestyles. 

Effective Public Transit: The majority of gated communities develop a coordinated network of viable public transit options for all their residents. 

Amenities: Amenities are everything; residents want to engage in a wide variety of amenities close to their own homes. The more modern amenities a community offers to its residents, the more attractive that community will be to current and future residents.

Find a Gated Community in Bonita Springs, FL

Gated communities in Bonita Springs, FL are not hard to come by, but finding one that caters to your lifestyle might be challenging. The Colony Golf & Bay Club is an exclusive gated community in Bonita Springs, FL that offers first class amenities and a first class lifestyle. This private community defines splendor and elegance – offering something for everyone.

To learn more about buying into the lifestyle at The Colony Golf & Bay Club contact Jill Kushner today.


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7 Reasons You Should Be In Southwest Florida

Here’s an interesting statistic I just found. There are 78 million baby boomers  in the U.S., and professionals predict that one-sixth of them will spend part of their lives in the state of Florida. That’s almost 13 million new residents of Florida between now and 2023.” It’s no surprise to anyone who lives here! Here are just 7 reasons why Southwest Florida, especially Bonita Springs, is among the top choices.

7. Boating, Fishing & Golf– Our area has some of the best waterfront in the world. Fishing and golf are not hobbies here, they are ways of life.

6. Pristine – The word “pristine” comes up often when explaining our area to an outsider. It best describes the litter-less streets, low crime, clean beaches, expertly shaped landscaping and conscious efforts of residents to keep it that way.

5. Sunsets – Sunsets in Southwest Florida are very special to say the least, and for lovers, nowhere will you find more romantic sunsets than on Florida’s West Coast. Around the time of the setting sun, if you are anywhere near the Gulf, you are bound to be shoulder to shoulder with several others looking West. When the sun hits the horizon put your cocktail down and join the clapping, for you have just witnessed one of the most sacred moments on the Gulf: Sunset.

4. Weather –Bonita Springs’ weather has average air temperatures of 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest summer months are July, August and September. The best weather months are November through May where there is little rain and less humidity. Gulf water temperatures range from the 60′s in the winter to the mid 80′s from spring through fall.

3. Beaches – Bonita Springs has some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Florida and it’s no wonder, since the word “bonita” in Spanish translates to mean just that, “beautiful”. The beaches that line the coastline attract people in from all over the world for the sun and the miles of soft, white sand.

2. The People – This one is easily #1. People who live here come from all around the world – mid-westerners, New Yorkers, Canadians, Europeans and everyone in-between. Southwest Florida is a global melting pot with one common denominator:everyone is extremely happy to live here! This attitude shows on the suntanned faces of most everyone you’ll meet.

1. The Colony Golf & Bay Club– Amidst scenic nature preserves and overlooking the glorious waters of Estero Bay and the Gulf of Mexico in Bonita Springs, The Colony Golf & Bay Club offers spectacular high-rise and mid-rise towers, custom single-family homes, villas and classic coach homes. Each distinctive residence within The Colony’s 809 exclusive acres is a modern-day renaissance representing the ultimate union of art and function. While this private, gated community defines grandeur and elegance, I realize that what usually inspires people is the lifestyle offered, including social opportunities, activities, sports and recreation, as well as security. The Colony has a unique array of amenities, and I want to make sure you’re able to experience it for yourself. I am passionate about The Colony, and once you see our little piece of paradise, I know you will be too.

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Custom Single Family

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Single family homes in The Colony feature custom created floor plans and designs, 3500-6000 sq. ft of living space on 1/3-1/2 acre parcels (Bellagio, Tuscany Isle and Messina)

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Villa Homes

Villa homes feature repeated floorplan(s), smaller lots, where lawn maintenance and landscaping is included in the Association dues. (Addison Place, Las Palmas & Villa Trevi)