7 Luxurious Additions to Make to Your Colony Home

When you live in one of the gorgeous Colony homes, you’ve got the best of the best. Colony homes in Bonita Springs offer exceptional amenities and options for every taste. However, making your home truly yours is something every homeowner seeks. Putting your personal touch on your space can make your condo go from a Colony model to your home.

We have a list of seven luxurious additions that can accommodate your needs and really make your home a reflection of you. Read on to discover what luxurious additions you can add!

1. Wine Closet

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine?! After all, indulging in a glass of red wine daily can provide a number of health benefits. If you’re a wine connoisseur, keep your wine at your fingertips and stored properly in a custom wine closet. To create a true wine closet, you’ll want to make sure that you can control the temperature and humidity, as well as storing it away from UV light (this is what makes converting a closet an ideal location). You can create this yourself or hire a contractor to make your vision a reality. Houzz offers step-by-step instructions and images of some spectacular in-home wine closets that would be a perfect fit inside any Colony home. If wine isn’t your thing, there are number of other luxury options you can add to your home, so keep reading!

In-Home Theatre

An in-home theatre is a perfect addition to take advantage of rainy days or when you just need a time-out from the sun. Cuddling up on theatre style seating complete with top of the line audio and video can take simply watching a movie to a supreme theatre experience. This addition is also great for a night in with friends — catch up on the latest blockbuster hits, watch the classics, or even relive a time in your past by watching a home movie with the best quality sound and video. Nothing quite matches the rumble as you feel part of the action in your favorite action flick. You can create an in-home theatre environment by including video projection, premium sound, dimming lights, and the theatre seating of your choice. If you’re making it an entertainment space, elevate the back row for a true in-home movie-going experience!

Heated Floors

All Floridians know that the winter in Florida can still put a chill in the air. Despite the normally warm climate, rainy days in January can still make you close up the lanai and crank up the heat. And nothing beats getting out of a shower or bath and stepping out onto a warm floor! Whether you choose to install heated flooring in just your bathroom or throughout your Colony home, heating flooring is beneficial not just from a luxury standpoint — it also can help you feel comfortable and warm. Living in comfort is certainly a must-have!

Towel Warmer

Speaking of comfort, adding a towel warmer will give you that warm, just out of the dryer feeling every time you step out of the shower or bath. Pamper yourself with a towel warmer that reflects your personality — there are a variety of styles to choose from. You can have a free-standing towel warmer, one hardwired and installed in the wall, or you can even have a tucked away towel warming drawer. For open towel warmers, you can add in a modern flair or keep it classic looking. There really is an option for everyone!

Kitchen Improvements

From upgrading your entire kitchen to a chef’s kitchen or adding in simple luxuries, kitchen upgrades are sure to please everyone. Gourmet kitchens are an excellent option for those who enjoy cooking, but if you don’t plan on cooking large meals regularly, these features will surely be a waste of money. Opt for the upgrades you know you’ll use, like a touchless water faucet or flush countertop steamer. Your kitchen is also an excellent place to display your natural side. Install eco-friendly features like bamboo flooring or countertops or cork flooring and help out the environment while making a statement. If you don’t want to scream green, you can still upgrade your appliances (if they aren’t energy efficient already) or add in a recycling center conveniently into your existing cabinets.

Wireless Home Automation

Wireless home automation might be an improvement for the tech-savvy homeowners, but it really can be a benefit for everyone. Most of these systems are quite user-friendly, so even the technically challenged can find it’s a breeze to use. Wireless home automation allows you to control everything in your home from a smartphone or tablet. This is a phenomenal feature, especially for Colony residents who like to travel and want to check in on their home while they’re away. You can also just install the parts that matter most, like smart thermostats, and reap in the benefits of being energy efficient, or you can make your outlets and switches wirelessly controlled. The options are really endless, and this is also a great feature to add to your home theatre.

Details! Feature Lighting & Hardware

Your hardware and lighting choices are simple details that are often overlooked. You can really show off your personality in a subtle way by incorporating lighting fixtures and hardware that echo your sense of style. For example, the kitchen is an excellent place to install feature lighting to show off your dishes or illuminate your latest cooking creation. Additionally, knobs, pulls, and handles are everywhere in your home and offer the perfect opportunity for you to incorporate a touch of you. Selecting high-end, yet classic hardware can show a refined taste. Or, if you’re more whimsical, splurge on exciting or fun pulls, like silverware in the kitchen, etc. This is your chance to show off your style, whether it’s modern, traditional, luxe, or minimal! You’ll be amazed at what a big difference such a small touch can do!

Make a House a Home

At the end of the day, your home in the Colony should be just that — your home.  Make additions to your home to personalize it, increase comfort, and make you happy. By adding luxurious items like the above, we hope you’ll find that your home is your happy place. After all, nothing beats easy living! Which items will you be adding?

Bring Top Interior Design Trends to Your Bonita Springs Home

Do you prefer your home to have an elegant, more classic look? Or are the unique features of modern design more your style? Your home is a reflection of your personal tastes and preferences, and interior design is an important part of making sure your home makes the right statement.

Interior Design Trends in 2015

In 2015, mixed metals and deep blues are making their way into the homes of many modern Americans, while chevron prints and ombré designs are on the way out. If you have trouble keeping up with the ever-changing design trends, you’re not alone! Many people hire an interior designer to help with planning and executing stylish designs for their home’s interior.

How can you bring some of the latest design trends into your own home in Bonita Springs? Check out local design companies, Clive Daniel Home and Robb & Stucky for help with turning your interior design dreams into a reality.

Clive Daniel Home

As a one-stop-shop, Clive Daniel Home offers award-winning, full-service interior design in Southwest Florida. The experienced interior design team can help you select the design elements that best suit your personal preferences. They assist with choosing:

  • Furnishings
  • Flooring
  • Accessories
  • Carpets
  • Cabinetry
  • Lighting
  • Window treatments
  • Home Automation
  • Paint colors

In addition to helping you choose just the right design elements to turn your house into a home, Clive Daniel Home will also help you make decisions about the outdoors and landscaping. If you would like further information on how the team can help you make design choices for your home, call (239) 261-4663, or stop by the store, located at 2777 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34103.

Robb & Stucky

Another excellent local choice for finding the finest home furnishings in Southwest Florida is Robb & Stucky. Robb & Stucky has a long history of bringing Floridians quality furniture and design at affordable prices. The buying team at Robb & Stucky searches far and wide to bring you excellent options for home furnishings at a great value.

Below are just some of the featured brands you will find at Robb & Stucky:

  • American Leather
  • Creative Elegance
  • French Heritage
  • Hancock & Moore
  • Lillian August
  • Max Home
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Somerset Bay
  • Vanguard
  • Century
  • Stanley
  • Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
  • Bernhardt Interiors
  • Hancock & Moore
  • Marge Carson
  • Hickory White
  • Lillian August

For stylish furnishings for your bedroom, dining room, living room, or home office, check out what Robb & Stucky has to offer at one of their two convenient locations. You can visit the Naples store, located at 355 9th Street South, or call (239) 732-2400. You can also browse at the Fort Myers location at 13170 S. Cleveland Avenue, or call (239) 415-2800.

Find Your Next Home in Bonita Springs

The perfect interior design begins with the ideal home. Ready to explore new home ideas in Bonita Springs, FL? Jill Kushner is an experienced real estate agent who enjoys adventuring with her clients to help them discover their style within their size and budget goals. Contact Jill today for more information about homes available in The Colony in Bonita Springs.