7 Luxurious Additions to Make to Your Colony Home

When you live in one of the gorgeous Colony homes, you’ve got the best of the best. Colony homes in Bonita Springs offer exceptional amenities and options for every taste. However, making your home truly yours is something every homeowner seeks. Putting your personal touch on your space can make your condo go from a Colony model to your home.

We have a list of seven luxurious additions that can accommodate your needs and really make your home a reflection of you. Read on to discover what luxurious additions you can add!

1. Wine Closet

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine?! After all, indulging in a glass of red wine daily can provide a number of health benefits. If you’re a wine connoisseur, keep your wine at your fingertips and stored properly in a custom wine closet. To create a true wine closet, you’ll want to make sure that you can control the temperature and humidity, as well as storing it away from UV light (this is what makes converting a closet an ideal location). You can create this yourself or hire a contractor to make your vision a reality. Houzz offers step-by-step instructions and images of some spectacular in-home wine closets that would be a perfect fit inside any Colony home. If wine isn’t your thing, there are number of other luxury options you can add to your home, so keep reading!

In-Home Theatre

An in-home theatre is a perfect addition to take advantage of rainy days or when you just need a time-out from the sun. Cuddling up on theatre style seating complete with top of the line audio and video can take simply watching a movie to a supreme theatre experience. This addition is also great for a night in with friends — catch up on the latest blockbuster hits, watch the classics, or even relive a time in your past by watching a home movie with the best quality sound and video. Nothing quite matches the rumble as you feel part of the action in your favorite action flick. You can create an in-home theatre environment by including video projection, premium sound, dimming lights, and the theatre seating of your choice. If you’re making it an entertainment space, elevate the back row for a true in-home movie-going experience!

Heated Floors

All Floridians know that the winter in Florida can still put a chill in the air. Despite the normally warm climate, rainy days in January can still make you close up the lanai and crank up the heat. And nothing beats getting out of a shower or bath and stepping out onto a warm floor! Whether you choose to install heated flooring in just your bathroom or throughout your Colony home, heating flooring is beneficial not just from a luxury standpoint — it also can help you feel comfortable and warm. Living in comfort is certainly a must-have!

Towel Warmer

Speaking of comfort, adding a towel warmer will give you that warm, just out of the dryer feeling every time you step out of the shower or bath. Pamper yourself with a towel warmer that reflects your personality — there are a variety of styles to choose from. You can have a free-standing towel warmer, one hardwired and installed in the wall, or you can even have a tucked away towel warming drawer. For open towel warmers, you can add in a modern flair or keep it classic looking. There really is an option for everyone!

Kitchen Improvements

From upgrading your entire kitchen to a chef’s kitchen or adding in simple luxuries, kitchen upgrades are sure to please everyone. Gourmet kitchens are an excellent option for those who enjoy cooking, but if you don’t plan on cooking large meals regularly, these features will surely be a waste of money. Opt for the upgrades you know you’ll use, like a touchless water faucet or flush countertop steamer. Your kitchen is also an excellent place to display your natural side. Install eco-friendly features like bamboo flooring or countertops or cork flooring and help out the environment while making a statement. If you don’t want to scream green, you can still upgrade your appliances (if they aren’t energy efficient already) or add in a recycling center conveniently into your existing cabinets.

Wireless Home Automation

Wireless home automation might be an improvement for the tech-savvy homeowners, but it really can be a benefit for everyone. Most of these systems are quite user-friendly, so even the technically challenged can find it’s a breeze to use. Wireless home automation allows you to control everything in your home from a smartphone or tablet. This is a phenomenal feature, especially for Colony residents who like to travel and want to check in on their home while they’re away. You can also just install the parts that matter most, like smart thermostats, and reap in the benefits of being energy efficient, or you can make your outlets and switches wirelessly controlled. The options are really endless, and this is also a great feature to add to your home theatre.

Details! Feature Lighting & Hardware

Your hardware and lighting choices are simple details that are often overlooked. You can really show off your personality in a subtle way by incorporating lighting fixtures and hardware that echo your sense of style. For example, the kitchen is an excellent place to install feature lighting to show off your dishes or illuminate your latest cooking creation. Additionally, knobs, pulls, and handles are everywhere in your home and offer the perfect opportunity for you to incorporate a touch of you. Selecting high-end, yet classic hardware can show a refined taste. Or, if you’re more whimsical, splurge on exciting or fun pulls, like silverware in the kitchen, etc. This is your chance to show off your style, whether it’s modern, traditional, luxe, or minimal! You’ll be amazed at what a big difference such a small touch can do!

Make a House a Home

At the end of the day, your home in the Colony should be just that — your home.  Make additions to your home to personalize it, increase comfort, and make you happy. By adding luxurious items like the above, we hope you’ll find that your home is your happy place. After all, nothing beats easy living! Which items will you be adding?

Beach Essentials: What to Bring for the Perfect Beach Day

One of the things that Bonita Springs is best known for is its beautiful beaches. Though Southwest Florida surely has some stiff competition when it comes to beaches, Bonita Beach is one of the best spots to enjoy a picture-perfect beach day. As summer approaches, it’s important that you bring all of the essentials for a relaxing day on the sand.

What to Bring for a Perfect Beach Day

It’s that time of the year! Though it may be getting hotter, it’s also approaching the time where locals can best enjoy a comfy spot on Bonita Beach. If you’re ready for a day at the beach, don’t forget to bring the essentials:

  • Sunscreen – To avoid sun damage, make sure that you apply sunscreen before you head to the beach, and reapply throughout the day.
  • Lip Protector – Many people forget to protect their lips from sun exposure. Bring a lip protectant with an SPF to avoid damage from the UV rays.
  • Summer Gear – With the heat at its peak, you’ll need to bring appropriate summer gear to keep you cool and protected from the sun. Wearing a light colored t-shirt or swimsuit cover-up, sunglasses, and a hat with a brim help protect your skin, while also keeping you cool.
  • Funds for Parking – Don’t forget to bring money for parking! At Bonita Beach, parking fees are $2/hour, and are strictly enforced at the designated parking locations. If you’re a resident, you can purchase a parking sticker for Lee County parks online at leeparks.org.
  • Water – In order to get the most out of your beach visit, it’s important to hydrate throughout the day, especially in the summer heat. Bring bottles of water or a plastic container for your drink as glass is not allowed on Bonita Beach.
  • Your Friends and Family – What better way to make your beach day the best than spending it with the people you love!

Now that you’ve got your essentials, you’re ready to head to the beach! With the weather getting a bit hotter, you’ll want to make sure that you visit during the cooler hours of the day. The best time to go to the beach in the summer is the morning hours. That way, you can avoid being exposed to UV rays when the sun is at its peak. This is also the best time to avoid the Florida summer showers.

Enjoy the Beach without All of the Crowds

Does the idea of access to a private beach appeal to you? This is just one of the many amenities that residents of The Colony Golf and Bay Club can enjoy. At The Colony’s private beach park, you’ll need not worry about funds for parking or any of the other hassles that come from visiting a public beach. The Pelican Landing Beach Park is available exclusively to residents of The Colony and their guests.

If you’re interested in finding out more about one of Southwest Florida’s most thriving lifestyle communities, contact Jill Kushner today. Jill is an experienced real estate agent who loves helping new homebuyers find the perfect home at The Colony in Bonita Springs.

What are your favorite beach supplies? Share them in the comments below!

Season’s Winding Down: Summer Events for Full-Time Colony Residents

Just because season is winding down doesn’t mean that you have to. There are plenty of wonderful summer events available to full-time residents of The Colony. If you’re looking for something to do this summer, look no further.

Travel Club

Are you interested in seeing all the sights that Switzerland has to offer? The Travel Club will be taking a spectacular trip this summer to see Scenic Switzerland by Train from July 31 – August 8. This memorable 9 day trip, includes visits to Zermatt, Lucerne, Montreaux, Zurich, and St. Moritz. For more information, email PLTravelClub@aol.com.

Canoeing & Kayaking

Both new and experienced paddlers in The Colony are always able to enjoy the natural beauty of Southwest Florida from a kayak or canoe at the Colony Kayak & Canoe Park. Don’t miss the last sunset/moonrise paddle of the season on May 4. You can sign up for the long paddle at 6:45 p.m. or the short paddle at 7:30 p.m.

Butterfly Garden

If you are interested in gardening or enjoy butterflies, then join the weekly garden gathering at the Butterfly Garden every Wednesday from 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. This gardening group is always in need of volunteers to maintain the garden and keep the ecosystem healthy. Every Wednesday you can meet others who share your passion and use your knowledge and experience to help the garden thrive.

Sports Club

If you are looking to stay active this summer, there are plenty of opportunities to get together with friends for a game of golf or a tennis match at The Colony. There are multiple sports events offered by the club throughout the summer, which offer you the opportunity to meet others and keep your game sharp. Not a golfer or a tennis player? If you like cycling, the Cycling club meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning for a fun and refreshing group ride.

Other Colony Activities

Here are some other fun activities taking place this summer:

  • Mosaics Class: If you’ve been looking for a way to exercise your creativity, sign up for the Stained Glass Mosaics Class on May 7 from 1 to 3 p.m. If you have never worked with glass before, have no fear. The instructor will guide you through each step of the process.
  • Lunch Brunch: Who doesn’t love great food at a waterfront restaurant? On May 20, a group will be leaving at 11:30 a.m. for a fun lunch brunch at Coconut Jack’s.
  • Mah Jongg: If you like to play Mah Jongg (at the intermediate level), join the group on Mondays and Thursdays at 1 p.m. for a fun game with friends.

Find Your Place at The Colony Golf & Bay Club

Want to get in on the fun? There is always something exciting going on at The Colony Golf & Bay Club. Both in and out of season, this community offers a variety of activities for its residents. If you want to live in a vibrant community like The Colony, contact Jill Kushner to see what you’ve been missing!

4 Helpful Tips for New Kayakers & Canoers

Are you new to kayaking or canoeing? Participating in these water activities can be a great way to stay active while also enjoying the beautiful Florida scenery. If you live in The Colony, you do not have to go very far to enjoy these fun Florida activities. Along with 34 acres of white sand beaches, The Colony Bay Beach Park also offers a Back Water Bay Canoe Park. If you have been wanting to try canoeing or kayaking, but haven’t gotten the chance to get out on the water yet, have no fear!

If you’re a new kayaker or canoer, you may not know where to start. Use these tips to help you get started and enjoy some fun in the sun:

Go Canoeing and Kayaking With Friends

The best way to learn how to kayak or canoe is to practice, and practice is much more fun when you can enjoy the activity in the company of others. Bring your spouse or find a friend who is also interested in learning how to kayak or canoe. If you have friends who are experienced, ask them to show you the ropes. If not, learn together!

Join (or Create) a Community Canoe or Kayak Group

One of the best ways to stay motivated and continue to spend time on the water is to find a local kayak or canoe group. Here, you can meet others who enjoy these activities, including experienced paddlers who can give you some pointers. At The Colony in Pelican Landing, we have a number of residents that enjoy the occasional kayak/canoe season. Find others in the community who enjoy these activities and make kayaking or canoeing a weekly or monthly event.

Take a Canoe or Kayak Paddling Lesson

If you’re new to canoeing or kayaking, your first paddle might be a little daunting. The Colony Kayak & Canoe Park offers a first time paddle training session for those who have not yet been out on the water. During this training session, you can learn the basics of paddling and build your confidence so that you’re ready to get paddling.

Enjoy a Guided Canoe or Kayak Session

Southwest Florida offers many opportunities for guided canoe or kayak tours. These tours are led by seasoned paddlers who can teach you the basics while showing you the natural beauty of Florida. If you live at The Colony, you don’t have to go far for a guided paddle experience. These sunset/moonrise paddles are regularly scheduled throughout the season, but as the season comes to a close, the last paddle will take place on May 4, with a long paddle at 6:45 p.m. and a short paddle at 7:30 p.m.

Are You Ready to Enjoy the Best Kayaking in The Colony?

Imagine having these activities right in your own backyard. The Colony Bay & Golf Club offers this and more as part of its offering of luxury amenities. To find out more about how you can enjoy the best that Bonita Springs has to offer, contact Jill Kushner today!

Who is Jerry Pate?

Southwest Florida is a golfer’s paradise. But if you’re an avid golfer then you know that not all golf courses are created equal. The very best courses pay attention to the subtleties of the game, while also incorporating the natural beauty of the landscape. If you have ever had the pleasure of playing on a golf course designed by Jerry Pate, then you know that these courses do just that.

Golf Legacy

Since the age of six, Jerry Pate has loved the game of golf. He turned pro in 1975 after winning the U.S. Amateur Championship and playing on the U.S. Walker Cup Team. During his rookie season, he took the PGA Tour by storm, winning the U.S. Open title with a legendary shot – 190-yard five-iron over water to within two feet of the hole. Pate won eight times on the PGA Tour from 1976 to 1982, bringing a color and humor to the game that many fans grew to love.

Though shoulder injuries cut Pate’s PGA Tour career short, he is still very active in the game, continuing to compete on the Champions tour and doing wonderful work as a designer and developer. Pate uses his skill and passion to help others discover a love for the game by designing breathtaking Championship golf courses.

Golf Courses Designed by Jerry Pate

Jerry Pate uses his eye for design and his love and experience with the game to create truly spectacular golf courses. On his website, Pate discusses the things he holds most important when designing courses:

What does it take to be a great golf course designer? Start with a responsibility to the environment, working to embrace its natural beauty. Then, follow with the strategic knowledge of the game to provide golfers of any skill level an enjoyable experience. Finally, possess the experience to properly construct the course, allowing for the highest quality agronomic playing conditions with responsibility to the owners.

Beyond the breathtaking natural views, Pate’s courses are creative, providing every golfer with the opportunity to enjoy the game.

Ready to Hit the Fairway in Bonita Springs?

If the idea of having regular access to a Championship golf course designed by Jerry Pate sounds like a dream, it doesn’t have to. By finding your new or next home at The Colony Golf & Bay Club, you can have this and much more! The Colony also offers other luxury amenities, such as six Har-Tru tennis courts, 34 acres of private beach park, and a well-equipped spa and fitness center, all in a fabulous location – Bonita Springs, FL.

If you are interested in taking a tour of the community and seeing things for yourself, contact Jill Kushner to see what living at The Colony is all about!

A Day at The Colony in Bonita Springs

Beaches, golf, and relaxation. These are three things that people often think about when they imagine living in the paradise that is Southwest Florida. Those of us who are lucky enough to call Southwest Florida home may sometimes forget to take time to appreciate all that the area has to offer. But what if you had all of this and more right in your own backyard?

That is what it’s like to live at The Colony Golf & Bay Club in Bonita Springs, FL.

A Typical Day for a Resident at The Colony Golf & Bay Club

The Colony Golf & Bay Club didn’t become one of Southwest Florida’s most exceptional luxury communities by being ordinary. Located in beautiful Bonita Springs, FL, this community offers a variety of luxury amenities that keep residents active and satisfied.

There are many types of residents that call The Colony Golf & Bay Club home. There is no “typical” day at The Colony because this community offers something for everyone:

  • The Avid Golfer – The Golf Club at The Colony boasts a Jerry Pate-designed, 18-hole championship golf course. After finishing a round on this exceptional green, residents enjoy formal and casual dining at the Clubhouse or relax in the lounge.
  • The Beach Goer – Beach lovers at The Colony rejoice as this community offers a private boat shuttle 7 days a week that takes residents to a private beach park to enjoy pristine white sands and the soothing waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The Lover of Fine Dining – Residents at The Colony often take advantage of the scenic views and delicious dining options at The Bay Club, which overlooks the beautiful Estero Bay. Depending on their mood, residents and their guests can choose to dine in the formal dining room, casual dining room, or take in a stunning sunset from the outdoor seating area on the balcony.
  • The Fitness and Spa Enthusiast – Residents who love to stay active and healthy might enjoy a tennis match on one of the six Har-Tru tennis courts at The Colony before taking a relaxing drip in the pool. Those who need a moment to relax might take advantage of one of the spa’s specials or stop by The Sports Club to pick up a weekly healthy recipe.

More than just amenities, residents at The Colony Golf & Bay Club find a sense of community with group mixers and fitness classes, while still enjoying all of the benefits of luxury lifestyle.  We have a program to “Be a Member for a Day”.  Please leave a response for more info.

Do You Want to Live at The Colony?

Jill Kushner is a realtor that specializes in real estate within The Colony. With all of the wonderful things taking place at The Colony and the abundance of fabulous amenities, Jill has also made her home at The Colony. If you want to be a part of this thriving, luxurious community, reach out to Jill today to learn more and view available homes.

If you’re a Colony resident, what are some of your favorite things to do at The Colony? Leave your answer in the comments!

7 Reasons You Should Be In Southwest Florida

Here’s an interesting statistic I just found. There are 78 million baby boomers  in the U.S., and professionals predict that one-sixth of them will spend part of their lives in the state of Florida. That’s almost 13 million new residents of Florida between now and 2023.” It’s no surprise to anyone who lives here! Here are just 7 reasons why Southwest Florida, especially Bonita Springs, is among the top choices.

7. Boating, Fishing & Golf– Our area has some of the best waterfront in the world. Fishing and golf are not hobbies here, they are ways of life.

6. Pristine – The word “pristine” comes up often when explaining our area to an outsider. It best describes the litter-less streets, low crime, clean beaches, expertly shaped landscaping and conscious efforts of residents to keep it that way.

5. Sunsets – Sunsets in Southwest Florida are very special to say the least, and for lovers, nowhere will you find more romantic sunsets than on Florida’s West Coast. Around the time of the setting sun, if you are anywhere near the Gulf, you are bound to be shoulder to shoulder with several others looking West. When the sun hits the horizon put your cocktail down and join the clapping, for you have just witnessed one of the most sacred moments on the Gulf: Sunset.

4. Weather –Bonita Springs’ weather has average air temperatures of 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest summer months are July, August and September. The best weather months are November through May where there is little rain and less humidity. Gulf water temperatures range from the 60′s in the winter to the mid 80′s from spring through fall.

3. Beaches – Bonita Springs has some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Florida and it’s no wonder, since the word “bonita” in Spanish translates to mean just that, “beautiful”. The beaches that line the coastline attract people in from all over the world for the sun and the miles of soft, white sand.

2. The People – This one is easily #1. People who live herecome from all around the world – mid-westerners, New Yorkers, Canadians, Europeans and everyone in-between. SouthwestFlorida is a global melting pot with one common denominator:everyone is extremely happy to live here! This attitude shows on the suntanned faces of most everyone you’ll meet.

1. The Colony Golf & Bay Club– Amidst scenic nature preserves and overlooking the glorious waters of Estero Bay and the Gulf of Mexico in Bonita Springs, The Colony Golf & Bay Club offers spectacular high-rise and mid-rise towers, custom single-family homes, villas and classic coach homes. Each distinctive residence within The Colony’s 809 exclusive acres is a modern-day renaissance representing the ultimate union of art and function. While this private, gated community defines grandeur and elegance, I realize that what usually inspires people is the lifestyle offered, including social opportunities, activities, sports and recreation, as well as security. The Colony has a unique array of amenities, and I want to make sure you’re able to experience it for yourself. I am passionate about The Colony, and once you see our little piece of paradise, I know you will be too.

Snowbirdius Floridius: The Florida Snowbird


Much like the birds flying south for the winter, this time of the year, human residents of cold climates are migrating to Southwest Florida. An often-quoted report by the University of Florida ranked Lee County as having an estimated 75,000 temporary residents during the peak winter season, the highest in the state. Collier County ranked fourth, with an estimated 44,000 winter residents. These “Snowbirds”, as the locals affectionately refer to them, do a lot for our economy! The snowbird creates demand for local goods and services and this creates jobs and a cash flow that Florida counts on.


Centuries ago, during the Victorian age, prosperous Europeans would escape the cold winters of their Northern homes by traveling to a warmer, Mediterranean climate in Italy or Southern France.  These Europeans typically lived a leisurely life of good health and prosperity.  North Americans during the past several centuries have also enjoyed this lifestyle. Many influential Americans and Canadians have enjoyed a winter home in the warmer climates of the United States.  Henry Ford and Thomas Edison both maintained winter homes in Fort Myers, Florida, where some of their most influential ideas were conceived.

Today the snowbird lifestyle is not just for the rich and famous.  Accommodations in every price bracket allow for a large portion of the population to live the snowbird dream.  Here in Bonita Springs, The Colony Golf & Bay Club caters to any need or want a seasonal resident may have. High-rise living is a popular choice for those who are not in Florida year round. The maintenance- free lifestyle and round-the- clock security features are appealing to many people who want to make sure their investment is well taken care of, even when they’re not occupying their residence. From a Concierge Service for those unfamiliar with the area, to a private beach and water taxi for those who don’t want to battle the traffic while heading to the beach- The Colony Golf & Bay Club is the Snowbird’s paradise!

Uncovering your Dream Home in Bonita Springs, Florida

Searching for a new or second home is easier once you understand what’s most important to you. I always tell clients who are considering moving to The Colony Golf & Bay Club that it’s best to organize your thoughts by writing down what you absolutely need in a new or second home, and what you don’t. After all, buying a home whether it be here at The Colony in Florida or elsewhere, is a huge decision. Here’s a good list to help you narrow down your decisions:

Look at the Community

  • Variety of architectural styles (vs. cookie cutter homes)
  • Natural lush landscaping
  • Walking and biking trails
  • Amenities like golf, tennis, and swimming
  • Activities and social events
  • Sense of community
  • People my age

Look at the Location

  • Beach access
  • Quick drive to shopping and dining
  • Access to theater, museums, and nightlife
  • Proximity to airports and public transportation
  • Quality school system (for families)

Determine the type of Home Structure

  • Single family or high-rise home
  • One- or two-car garage
  • Home office
  • Guest bedroom/bath
  • Formal living room
  • Eat-in kitchen
  • Patio or lanai
  • Bonus room

Think about Your Living Style

  • Low maintenance (high-rise homes)
  • Private land for tending a garden, making home improvements (single-family homes)
  • Gourmet appliances
  • Outdoor living area
  • View (Gulf of Mexico, natural preserve or Golf Course)
  • Light and bright
  • Lots of shade
  • Onsite amenities without leaving your home

I’d love to take you on a tour of The Colony, so feel free to contact me today. Happy Dream Home Hunting!

At Your Service: Concierge Service at The Colony Golf & Bay Club.

Located in Bonita Springs, Florida, the Colony Golf & Bay Club is a private, gated luxury community. One of the many reasons I enjoy listing exclusively for this community is due to the vast array of amenities The Colony offers its single-family, mid-rise and high-rise residents.

In addition to the 18-hole championship golf course and Country Club, residents here can enjoy tennis, private dining at The Bay Club, as well as a fitness center to help members remain active. There is also a spa available to community members and their guests where they can be pampered, as well as a canoe park and private water taxi to The Colony’s beach park.

However, one of the great perks and an amenity I feel surpasses all other communities in Bonita Springs, Florida, is the concierge service.

The concierge can help with a slew of daily tasks such as housecleaning, home repairs, indoor plant care, pool maintenance, landscaping and pest control.

For those who live here seasonally (aka ‘snowbirds’), the concierge can help organize an absentee home watch, key holding and seasonal arrival and departure preparations. Residents traveling can ask the concierge for assistance with both local and international travel, as well as to help set up an airport shuttle. If you desire, the concierge will also find a personal trainer or in-home masseuse.

Residents at The Colony Golf & Bay Club enjoy the hassle-free lifestyle that enables them to spend their days enjoying the many other activities available in Bonita Springs, Naples and surrounding areas. And yes, the concierge can help organize all those other activities as well!

Contact me today for your tour of The Colony.