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Castella is on the move…

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A unique little Colony sanctuary set forward of the high rises and surrounded by protected lands is the neighborhood of Castella.  Originally, Castella was to be a very exclusive Colony address, as it offered something very unique as it compared to the high rises and at the same time presented a sort of classic Florida style condominium offering.

“An exclusive resort within in a resort”, is how we used to describe Castella.   The pool would be something recreated from a Caribbean retreat.
Residents would have a certain appreciation for Florida wildlife, being among it’s authentic, untouched nature.
But Castella debuted right at the wrong time, during the real estate decline.  What people fought to reserve, on pre-construction basis with 20% down of $1.4m, was now worth (and just in terms of the dollars and cents), less than half and short sales and foreclosures resulted.
But among those who were seeing only the potential profits were those who appreciated Castella in a way that no price tag could properly describe.  And they live there and love it.   And from time to time, a new Castella fan comes along and has a tremendous opportunity to buy in at less than half the other residents paid.  Two I sold just in the last week, marvelous deals both of them with grand views of the Bay and all the protected surrounding lands.  Now is the time.  Come see for yourself!

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