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Bonita Springs Receives Permission to Invest in Our Downtown Area

One of the best reasons to live in Southwest Florida is the environment  – and I’m not just talking about the weather that is fantastic (whenever it’s not storming!).

Communities like Bonita Springs have a lot to offer residents looking for what are simply great places to live, and this is due to the level of investment we have placed into our community.

Bonita Springs leadership has wanted to reinvest in our downtown area for some time now, and drew up plans for a development project that will cost around $27 million. This plan will include roadway improvements, drainage, land enhancements, sidewalks, and other incentives to help encourage businesses to make downtown Bonita Springs their home.

This week, Lee County commissioners said “Yes” to the plan and gave the city a sizable chunk – $13.7 million – of the overall cost to proceed.

As reported by the News-Press, the project – primarily focused on the area between Rosemary Drive and Bonita Beach Road – aims to boost property values and provide benefits that exceed the cost.

Lee County officials were hesitant to approve the plan, though; the county has experienced a series of budget mini-crises and is facing a potential loss of tax receipts over the next few years.

But, as City Manager Carl Schwing said, “It’s going to revitalize our downtown.” A healthier Bonita Springs is ultimately good for Lee County, and is also good for real estate owners whose property values could be positively impacted by the development.

The city of Bonita Springs is confident that the project will be a boon to the city and will help everyone involved. It’s exciting to see the future impact this project will have on real estate in Bonita Springs – but more importantly, it’ll be exciting to see the new downtown area when it’s all said and done.