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Bonita Springs Provides a Welcome Escape for Winter Refugees

It may not have seemed like it this past week in Bonita Springs, where the lowest high temperature was still in the 70’s, but much of the nation dealt with a nasty “polar vortex” that dumped a mass of cold air into the Midwest, Northeast, and South and sent temperatures plummeting into the single digits – and below.

As a result, many of our cousins from up north took the time to fly and drive down to Bonita Springs to seek refuge from the blistering cold that got as bad as minus 55 degrees with wind chill in Minnesota.

Waves of people streaming to our beautiful beaches and balmy weather during the winter isn’t unusual, but it’s safe to say that the circumstances for this latest exodus were a bit abnormal.

This past week’s beachfront activity with tourists is yet another indicator of the draw of Southwest Florida – and one of the many reasons why 2013 was a record year for tourism, according to area tourist and convention bureaus, hotel associations, and travel experts.

Florida as a whole saw 1.7% more visitors during July-September, 2013, which was the highest third quarter for visitors in history. Another metric – bed tax collected by inns, hotels, motels, and bed & breakfasts – also rose in 2013 for Lee County, demonstrating how more are coming and staying in Lee County than ever before.

If this past week is any indication, tourism for 2014 could be as positive and productive as experts predict. And since tourism is so vital to our local economy, that is definitely good news for all.

If you want to look into choices for real estate in Bonita Springs that can help you flee the cold winters and enjoy terrific weather all year round, contact me and find out more about your options!