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Advantage: Colony Amenity Gems

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I suppose many resident’s visits to their Colony homes are chock full of fun events.  For most, just the convenience and pleasure of sitting poolside enjoying the Florida sun is likely the most desired event. With such fabulous restaurants to choose from at Coconut Point, one of our areas best tennis programs and all kinds of golf options at our fingertips, often visiting our Colony homes doesn’t even factor in our unbelievable amenity offering open to all.

We truly have a unique and varied selection of activities.  For example, did you know we have a great sailing club?  You’re welcome to join in as a seasoned sailor or you are invited to take lessons.  Our Pelican Landing/Colony sailors gather for socials and have sailing races every couple of weeks.  Have you signed up for one of our Yoga Classes or Tai Chi classes offered at the P.L.C.A.?   Did you know our bocce teams are a force to reckoned with…and always looking to expand?  Available at our fingertips are all kinds of activities, either a nominal fee or free of charge.  Have you reached out and made new friends yet at the complimentary Bay Club’s daily Coffee & Danish gathering between 7-10?
I hope to hear back from you that before your next Colony visit you sign up to join the gang for a Sunset Cruise or show up at Trivia Night.  Please check our Colony website for so many clubs and activities at http://pelicanlanding.org/calendar.asp  Soon you’ll  realize that there’s just so much available to us and so many fun opportunities in which to involve ourselves and our families.   What do you think?  Email me.  JillbKushner@aol.com  See you on the playground!

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