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My most recent listing and sale was in Treviso, a Colony high rise.   The buyers came from Naples where they owned a home they sold in two weeks of listing it last April.  The new Colony resident just called me from his New Mexico home to tell me they just sold that one in three days of listing it.  
I couldn’t resist sharing my new client’s words-not mine, (and remember he is buyer as well as a seller), “If sellers would just list their properties at the market price, they wouldn’t have to endure all the showings and days turned to months spent waiting for that perfect, uninformed buyer to come along to buy their property, only to have their forward plan dashed with no sale.  List it at a competitive price and get it done.”  He went on to say, “Move on and take advantage of a very good buyer’s market while there’s still time.”
All my listing clients want to underscore how their home is unique as it compares to others on the market.  The new resident refreshed my intuitive knowing. If my clients really want to sell their home, not just list it, I must have the courage to tell them the truth about my own experience with buyers and sellers. 
My job is to inform both buyers and sellers of closed sales and market conditions; anomalies and unique features really don’t play a significant role in this economy.  I don’t make the rules but I do have to live by them.  My job is not to try to create the market.  I don’t possess  that power.   
By the way, the high rise property the new Colony resident purchased was on the market for just two weeks. Why? You get one guess.

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